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Madrid: Barrio de Las Letras

Madrid: Barrio de Las Letras

Madrid has many lovely neighbourhoods and each of them has its own beauties and characteristics. We have already had a look at Salamanca and few other central districts. Today it’s time to describe the pretty Barrio de Las Letras.

Central and human-sized, this neighbourhood may be the perfect location for you new home. As the choice of a location is often difficult, we have decided to show you the strengths of this tiny little area, full of history, shops and culture. If you are still looking for a room, we kindly suggest checking carefully all the services and the connections available in the area. As already mentioned before (and we will never get tired to write it), collecting information is of paramount importance when you look for a new shared flat.

This district is definitely the place where we would live in Madrid. The Barrio de Las Letras is calm and full of life at the same time. There are restaurants, bars, cafes, beautiful shops and many other things that we will discover together. But before, a little bit of history!

The Barrio de Las Letras (Literary quarter) is named after the writers and intellectuals who lived in this area during the Golden Age. Miguel de Cervantes, Lope de Vega, Quevedo have written and printed their masterpieces in this small area between Plaza Sant’Ana and the Paseo del Prado. If you walk through its tiny and picturesque streets, it is possible to see some commemorative plaque or sentences taken from some of the most important Spanish writers.

 Why should you rent your room in this district? Although the Barrio de Las Letras stands up for itself, we have listed its strengths, so that you can have a general idea of this happy place in the city centre of Madrid. If you’re looking for an high-quality life, this charming neighbourhood is exactly what you are looking for.


You are right between some of the most important museums of Madrid and, possibly, of Spain. The Reina Sofia, the Thyssen, the Museo del Prado, the Caixa Forum and the home of Lope de Vega. No way to get bored and no way to miss an exhibition. You’re surrounded by culture and, if you want to improve your cultural background, this is the right place to live. You’re weekend will be definitely full of activities.

Free time

Relax is as much important as culture. The Barrio de Las Letras gives you many choices. If you like theatre, you have many structures all around the area (in Plaza Sant’Ana, for example). On the other hand, you may be a shopaholic. The neighbourhood won’t let you down because there are several small boutiques and shops. Hanging out with your friends is not a problem. Bars, cafes, clubs are around every corners and, if you are hungry, you can choose among a wide range of restaurants both Spanish and international. We suggest you to visit the Blackbird on Sunday: every week a jam session (Jazz and Blues) takes place there and, believe us, the musicians are good, very good.

The Retiro Park

Are you looking for some green? Even though you’re in the city centre, you can have a walk and reach in ten minutes (even less) the beautiful Retiro Park. We guess that everyone is familiar with it and knows perfectly how many activities can do there. Do you want to have a perfect shape? Go jogging! Do you want to read the last novel of your favourite writer? Take a blanket and read in a meadow. Are you bored to watch birds from your room? Just have a walk there! There are so many things to do…


Services play a central role when it comes to daily life. For this reason, your new room has to be located close to banks, supermarkets, metro stations, bus stops, etc. The Barrio de Las Letras offers all of them. Being in the city centre, it is surrounded by several metro stations: no matter the area where you live, you will always have a solution to go wherever you have to go. Supermarkets and banks? You’re spoilt for choice. Restaurants? You’ll never get hungry! Is this neighbourhood a paradise?


Your new room has to be in this neighbourhood. The Barrio de Las Letras will become your happy place in the city centre. Few cars, calm streets, tiny stores, high quality restaurants, many activities… We do not need to convince you to look for your shared-flat there. If you visit this area once, you will fall in love immediately.

The housing solutions, though, may be very expensive. As we wanted to offer our clients the chance to live in this special neighbourhood, we have settled there some of our flats. Are you ready to live in this charming atmosphere?