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Internationally tasty

Internationally tasty

Tasty and international. We let you guess what we will talk about today! We really appreciate Spanish cuisine, but it’s time to wide our horizons and taste something new.

Madrid is a huge city and it is easy to find tasty alternatives to our beloved tortilla. Greece, Russia, Japan, China, India, Italy and South America bring their food culture to Spain and we had to go there and to taste all their dishes… well, not all of them; we’re still working on it!

You can’t eat alone! This is our rule number 1. In order to enjoy your meal, you have to share it with someone. What about your flatmates? When you are a student or a young worker, a shared flat is the perfect housing solution. By renting a room in a shared flat, you have several advantages. It lets you share the rent and the expenses and meet new friends. The perfect solution for the perfect start!

Back to juicy topics, you have surely understood that today’s aim is to suggest you some alternatives to the Spanish cuisine. We have listed some restaurants that offers you delicious dishes from all over the world, from West to East. After this tasty journey, you’ll need a gym membership!

As we promised you a journey around the globe, let’s start with the West, in particular, with Mexico.


Who doesn’t like Mexican food? Burritos, tacos, guacamole... These restaurants are quite common in Madrid, but this time we want to suggest you a special one. Why this one? By Jleo’s you can choose the ingredients of your taco, burrito or salad. Personalized dishes and high quality ingredients are the strengths of this restaurant. A small treat? The delicious homemade desserts. Mexico lovers, tuck in!


Pizza is one of the most famous Italian dishes. People from all over the world have created new versions of it, added the strangest ingredients, used ketchup instead of tomato sauce. There is a pizzeria though that prepares it as the original one, or at least similar. It is like having a little bit of Naples in Madrid. As it is always full and reservations are not allowed, we suggest you to go there earlier and get you on the list. We love pizza!

Taberna Griega

Let’s stay on the Mediterranean sea, heading Greece. Once you taste their food, you cannot forget it anymore: it is love at first “bite”. Their cuisine is similar to the other Mediterranean ones, but their flavours are mythical. We’ve literally tasted everything in this cosy little restaurant and we kindly suggest it. If you don’t want to dare with the tasting menu, you may ask to the kind waiters and they will suggest some of the most delicious traditional dishes. The atmosphere is very “Greek” and, if you’re lucky enough, you will have the chance to watch a Sirtaki performance. Are you ready to dance?

Restaurante Gribok

From the warm sea to the cold steppe. This is our fourth suggestion and, believe us, it’s worth a visit. This traditional Russian restaurant has a very curious atmosphere and the dishes are simply tasty. Russian cuisine has completely different flavours from the Mediterranean one. Once you get used to them, you will go there again and again. If you want to eat your Russian favourite dish in the kitchen of your shared flat, well, just call!

Ra-men Kagura

Heading East… Japan is our last stop during this juicy journey. As we want to surprise you with uncommon cuisine or variants, sushi is not our choice. The most common Japanese dish is sushi, but we’ve discovered some years ago another tasty food. Do you remember these huge bowls with strange things inside that appear in the anime? They are eating Ra-men, a soup with soy, miso, noodles, eggs and meet. Actually, there are many variants on the menu and they are all delicious!


Are you still looking for your room? After this mouth-watering journey, you have surely detected the area where you should look for your new shared-flat. Can you imagine tasting your Mussaka without the need to check the public transports’ schedules? Amazing… a dream!

This is the strength of a big international city: you can have a contact with other cultures without travelling. And we like it! From this article, you can definitely draw two conclusions. Firstly, you must look for your room close to some restaurants. Second, international is tasty.

Are you ready to taste new international flavours?