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Olè! A journey across the stereotypes

Olè! A journey across the stereotypes

Stereotype or reality? Can you really say what is true and what is false?

There are many “legends” about Spain and it is very common to mix them with reality. Especially if you’ve never been in this amazing country. Spain is not just summer hits, parties, or Ibiza. Spain is culture, traditions and great cities.

Which are the most common stereotypes? Make yourself comfortable in your bedroom, call your flatmates and discover with us whether you know Spain or not. If you have time (it’s summer, you must have a lot of free time), you can play a game. Read this article when you are all alone and then ask your flatmates if it’s true or false. It makes fun!

But let’s start with our short list, we know you are looking forward to know more about Spaniards!

They speak very loudly 

Unfortunately, this is true. You know it perfectly if you’ve been in a typical Spanish bar: they are simply extremely noisy. We can ease up a little on their attitude and say that the cafes, bars, etc. are usually extremely crowded and therefore they have to speak loudly in order to make themselves heard.

Spain is always warm and sunny 

No, definitely not. This year we had some of the rainiest springs ever!Finally summer arrived and now… well, now we are waiting for fall! During winter it will hardly reach 0 degrees, nonetheless you’ll need scarfs, umbrellas and boots.

They are always late 

This is another stereotype. They are usually on time, at least as people from any other country. They are relaxed people, but they are precise when it comes to work, meetings, etc.

They eat and drink a lot 

Food in Spain is very tasty: it would be foolish to not to eat! But careful, they don’t eat just Paella or drink Sangria. Their cuisine is actually quite rich: a lot of tapas, their amazing ham, the tortillas, their wine… they are Mediterranean after all!

They are on a different schedule 

This is true. Unfortunately, we’ve faced this huge problem. They start everything later: office hours, lunch, dinner, sleeping time. You’ll quickly get used to their schedule and you will enjoy their long evenings with them: you’ll love it!

They are affectionate 

They are warm and hearty, is that so negative? We don’t think so! They kiss and hug when they first meet a person and this is a little weird at first, but, after all, it’s amazing the way they makes you feel at home, even if your home is actually far away. Everyone should be more affectionate!

They are lazy 

We wish we had less to do, but no, darling. Spaniards work hard and many hours and they don’t even take long breaks. Siesta? Yes, but in moderation!


Have we forgotten some? There are so many stereotypes that it’s impossible to remember them all. As you may have noticed, some of them are actually true and others are just a figment of our imagination. As reality doesn’t always match with what we think, we should always experience a different culture. You have to travel, meet locals, and hang out with them. In few words: embrace their culture.

In order to discover new cultures and directly experience them, you should always consider some little details when you move in another country:

  • Opt always for a shared flat: if you have a local as flatmate, it’s easier to have a contact with his/her traditions.
  • Live where they live.
  • Learn their language: communication is vital.

You should definitely spend some months in Spain in order to understand their lifestyle and their culture. It may not be easy at the beginning, but they are so friendly that in no time you’ll feel at home. What about starting with Madrid, its history and its traditions? helpMadrid will welcome you in the best way possible: great accommodation, nice flat managers and constant support.

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