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Some of the best vegan restaurants in Madrid

Some of the best vegan restaurants in Madrid

Some of you may be vegan, other vegetarian, others may eat meat and cheese … you know what? It doesn’t matter, what matters is that you are ready to experience something new.

You don’t need to be vegan in order to eat something vegan once in a while and, in our opinion, it is interesting to taste always something new: new ingredients, new combinations, new aromas. You and your flat mates should definitely step out of your rooms and experience something new.  

Restaurants are important meeting points for people and this is the reason why you should take it into account when you are looking for your room. Have a look at the neighbourhood offer before choosing the location of your new shared flat. If there are many restaurants close to it, the area must be the right one! By the way, helpMadrid is here to support you and to help you find the perfect location.

We have discovered such amazing ingredients and such tasty dishes that we cannot resist … we must share them with you! We have selected 5 of our favourite vegan restaurants. We personally went there several times to taste their offer in order to suggest you only the best. And needless to say, we have done a gym membership (be sure you have one close to your shared flat!)! If you plan to try them all, be sure that your flat is close to a gym or that your room is big enough to do some exercise.

Are you hungry? Well, let’s check some super tasty vegan restaurants.



This is our favourite one … we could eat there every single day! Some very kind waiters will welcome you in a tiny beautifully decorated restaurant. Once you are on your table, you’ll never be able to decide in few minutes: every single item on the menu is simply delicious. Our suggestions? The beetroot and strawberry gazpacho is simply awesome (and we are not beetroot fans). The rosemary and aubergine Focaccia with cheese is extremely tasty and you’ll order it twice (just too tasty). The Italian Burrata, the veggie version of course, was a great surprise and if you combine it with the delicious homemade bread … a dream. The vegan squid ink rice is compulsory (we don’t say anything, it’s a surprise). The desserts are our favourite part, we suggest the tiramisù and the apple crumble. Well, you’ve noticed that we have ordered the entire menu and we’ve appreciated every single dish … Remember to make a reservation, it is always crowded, even during the week. 


La oveja negra. Taberna vegana

The first time we’ve eaten something vegan, we went in this restaurant: first great impression of the vegan cuisine. Just like the first one, it is always full but you’ll have the chance to take your order away and taste it at home. Our suggestions? We have a very long list, let’s start. We are in love with the burgers. There is a lot of choice and you definitely have to taste all of them: our favourite is the one with chickpeas and beetroot, but the one with quinoa and olives is not bad at all. Their nuggets with mushrooms, spinaches or potatoes are excellent as well: they are perfect as tapa while you are waiting for your burger with French fries. Another way to calm the hunger is the “Chorivegano”: vegan chorizo … ok, you may be used to the original one, but this is tasty, too. Your happy conclusion? An amazing carrot cake or an incredibly good chocolate cake. If you go, you must invite us!!! If the restaurant is full, you can always order your dinner and take it away.


La Encomienda

Less crowded, but equally a good choice. This is a great option if you decide to do an escape room right before or after dinner. Furthermore, the menus are cool: we’ve liked immediately the design of this restaurant. But, as we are here to talk about food and not interior design, we will provide you some of the dishes we have tasted “for you”. The vegan raw lasagne are without any doubt the prettiest dish you’ve ever seen (they are tasty, too, don’t worry!). We guess it is common in the vegan diet and we like it a lot: also in this restaurant the hamburger is the king of the menu, it is delicious and served with original sweet potatoes chips. As tapa, we kindly suggest you the filled mushrooms and the homemade pates: the mix of ingredients is definitely interesting and you’ll have fun to guess what’s in each cream. Now my favourite tip, the desserts: the avocado and lime mousse is great and fresh, the icing on the cake, but you have to taste the chocolate sponge cake and the cheesecake, too. Are you still in your room? What are you waiting for?


Pizzie e Dixie

We were sceptical, but we were wrong. We know that Italian food, the original one, has another taste, completely different, but this one was a nice attempt to mix the traditional Italian cuisine and the original vegan one. Outcome? Creativity and great tastes. The location then … the sand (that they call “beach”) and the furniture create a great atmosphere. We would like to start with the only food that can compete with cakes and desserts: our beloved pizza, an original version. You can choose between three different types of dough: the classic one, the one with cereals and the one with coal. Another fancy aspect is the cheese: it is vegan, so there’s no milk, but it will remind you the normal cheese. The pizza or the huge calzone are a must if you decide to eat in this restaurant. Another great mix of tradition and new ingredients are the tortellini with Spirulina cream: the light blue cream may not be so appetizing, but it is great with tortellini … the proof is in the pudding.


Levél Veggie Bistro

Compared with the other four options, this one is a little bit pricy, but the quality is high and the location is classy. It may be perfect for a special occasion like the end of the exams, the visit of your parents, etc. Let’s start immediately with a quick description of the five best salty dishes of the menu. The first one is the vegan sushi: you’ll love the colours of these tiny little morsels. This Asian delicacy is perfect if you match it with the elegant white asparagus: you won’t get rid of hunger, but they are delicious. Other thing that you have to taste are the mushrooms skewers: we like mushrooms and we like the idea of the vegan skewer. Do we want to talk about the tartare? They have opted for a basis of quinoa, some avocado slices and tomatoes cubes (we guess that they represent the tuna or the salmon). Our favourite dish here are the lasagne. Never say no to something that may be similar to that tasty Italian food: you never regret it.


Madrid offers so much, isn't it? Not just cosy rooftops with amazing views, trendy bars and open air cinemas! If you want to discover more about the city, feel free to have a look at the other articles of the blog... 

One of the things we really like about vegan cuisine is that you can try to prepare creative dishes at home: it’s easy and the ingredients are cheap.  Imagine how many dinners you will be able to cook to your flatmates! They’ll love you so much. But before, you have a mission: try all the menu of our suggestions.

If you live far away from all these heavens, take a metro or move in a closer flat. And if your room is close, we’re sorry… you’ll gain weight! Well, guys …We are hungry now and we go out for dinner! See you soon ;)