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Madrid from the top down

Madrid from the top down

Summer has its upsides. Our favourite one are rooftops! We could go there every evening, we could stay there entire days. The refreshing breeze and the astonishing views are two very good reasons to go there and spend a pleasant evening with your bestie or your friends. 

You may love your amazing room with air conditioning, but can we compare it with a colorful sunset? We don't think so ... Lead out your mates from your cozy shared flat and explore the city!

For all the rooftop lovers, Madrid is a great city to live: hotels,restaurants and buildings open their roof to the public. They are like a parallel world, you enter there and you find pools, lounges, great atmosphere, maybe a piano and a musician … it looks like you’re not in Spain, but in a Hollywood movie!

As the rooftops here are a lot and just in case you’re still not familiar with the city, we have created a list for you … some suggestions to spend an amazing evening looking at the orange sky of Madrid.

The Roof Bar

This is our favourite place ever: great design, breath-taking view, perfect location … You definitely have to go there at least once, but we know you’ll fall in love with it and you’ll repeat the experience again and again and again! The only flaws are the huge line to enter and the fact that it is not exactly cheap.

La terraza de Oscar

Chueca never disappoints: that’s the reason we kind of like it. This rooftop is cosy and cool, the perfect place to hang out with friends, to drink something good, to eat pastries reading a book and drinking a juice or a cup of tea, etc. If you still have some doubts, check the pictures and you’ll understand what we are talking about. I almost forgot, there is a swimming pool …

The Hat

This rooftop is a little bit more in our budget and we like that! The cocktail are served in trendy “glasses” and the desserts look simply delicious. The food then, needless to say: soooooo tasty! Should we talk about the view? It reminds us of the Parisian rooftops. What are you waiting for? Summer is short.

Gymage Lounge Resort

White and orange: these are the colours of this paradise. The perfect place to chill after a day at work or after you daily gym routine. Sofas, chairs, tiny tables … we suggest you to go there before the sunset starts, so that you will be able to enjoy an amazing and colourful view of Madrid.

La terraza del Urban

As many other hotels in the city centre, this one open its doors to the citizens in order to offer a spectacular experience on its rooftop. You can go there during the day and enjoy the sun and their pool or directly in the evening and taste their cocktails. The choice is yours…


Free time is important as much as books, notions and university. Summer is the right season to relax and enjoy all the activities you cannot do during winter or when you work. Some days we spend many hours at home, in our room and often we are alone. This is great, but we need to socialize, too! Rooftops are a great alternative to your flat and to the seaside that, unfortunately, is far far away from us. We are addicted to them!

What have we learned after all these years in Madrid? If you are looking for a new accommodation, figure out to find it close to one of these havens: we will definately help you to achieve this goal!

We guess that we will meet up there! See you soon …