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Madrid City Tour ... Open Air

Madrid City Tour ... Open Air

Summer is coming to town and so does the heat. Madrid is an enchanting city, but it is also true that in Summer may be difficult to enjoy its beauty due to the beautifully hot weather. Anyway, there is no reason to deny ourselves a tour of the city or an activity with friends. Here you can find five solutions to visit/enjoy the city during the Spanish sweltering summer.


Retiro Park

With its high trees, it is the perfect location to rest in the shade. You can meditate, read, dance, etc … Everything far away from the heat! 



San Isidro Park

A little bit outside the city centre and far from the traffic jam, this park can turn into the perfect solution for a picnic or for a “siesta”… Enjoy the nature!




No, I am not crazy. Sol is the sunniest place of the city (personally experienced) but all the streets around this square are covered with some tarps that will grant you shade. A good excuse to go shopping and taste a marvellous and delicious ice cream with tons of rainbow sprinkles or caramel topping.




This is a nice plan to watch Madrid from another perspective. After less than 10 minutes you will be surrounded with nature and you will have some relief. The only limit? The fear of heights ...



“Lake swimming pool”

In Spanish is known as “Piscina de lago” and it is a group of open-air big swimming pools located in Casa de Campo. Luckily, we have a lot of choice when it comes to swimming pools and, as there's no sea in Madrid, they literally save our weekends … Prepare flippers and mask!



Enjoy Madrid and its sunny Summer!