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Madrid: Barrio Salamanca

Madrid: Barrio Salamanca

Madrid is a huge city and it may be difficult to decide which may be the best place to live. The city centre? The suburbs? This district full of great restaurants? Or maybe the other one?

If you are looking for a room or an apartment and you’re not familiar with the districts, the locations and their services, it may be difficult to choose the location of your new home. This is why we have decided to dedicate some of our articles to this hot topic and this time it is the turn of the Salamanca district.

This district is one of our favourite ones: it is lovely, it has great shops and it is in the city centre … how could you ask for more? Let’s discover this area together, it will be a great tour!

The Marquis of Salamanca has designed this neighbourhood in the second half of the nineteenth century. Its streets are mainly parallel and perpendicular and this helps a lot when you have to orient (believe us, this is one of the reason why we love Salamanca!). Originally, it was a residential area inhabited by the aristocracy and this is why the buildings are extremely beautiful. Nowadays it is still a rich neighbourhood, but it is affordable and mainly everyone can have a flat there. Even if you are a student, you’ll have the chance to find shared flats with cosy rooms.

Why should you look for your accommodation in Salamanca? There are so many reasons that it is impossible to list them all in one article … we should have definitely a coffee there, so that we can chat about this district! By the way, we have selected for you some of its strengths, so that you can have a general idea of this amazingly beautiful and charming neighbourhood… you’ll love it. Cut the chatter, let’s start our list.

The Retiro Park

The biggest strength of this area is no doubts the park. The Retiro Park is the main park of the city centre and it is very pretty. You can do many activities there. It’s sunny and you don’t want to stay in your room? Ask to your international friends to join you for a walk or a pic-nic. Summer is coming and you’ve eaten too many tortillas? Don’t be lazy and go jogging! You have a novel on your desk, but you’re never brave enough to start it? Go and read it in the park. We could go on forever, but we’ve just planned an afternoon in the park … so … we’ve to hurry up!


Yes, darling. Culture is important and Salamanca offers you at least two options. One of our favourite museums in Madrid is the Museo Arqueologico Nacional: you can spend days there and you’ll always learn something new and interesting. Noteworthy is the building, too: we are sure that you’ll capture all the amazing details with your camera (just don’t forget it in your room!). The second option is the great National Library: you won’t need to go far, as it’s in the same building of the museum. We don’t want to give you more details...

Free time

This neighbourhood is the stylish one (believe us, it is!) and it is perfect for shopping and hang out with your friends. Let’s start with shopping! There are several boutiques of famous brands, but there are also smaller shops where you can buy unique products: every day you’ll discover a new one! And what about a brunch, a lunch or a cocktail? You’re just in the right place: whether you just want a coffee or you want to eat something with your flatmates, you’ll be spoilt for choice.


Let’s get serious now. Study will possibly be a part of your stay here in Madrid and, when you look for an accommodation, you necessarily have to think about a place to study alone or with other students. Fortunately, you have two valuable options. The first one is the National Library … just try to not be distracted by the amazing interiors. The second one is located right in the park, the Eugenio Trías Municipal Public Library. We think it is the perfect combo between University and natural life: after your intense study session, you can go for a walk!


Looking for a room is not easy, but it is even more difficult to find a flat in an area that offers you everything you may need. Salamanca has literally everything: banks, supermarkets, metro stations, busses, etc. At a first sight, this detail may appear not important, but believe us, you have always to check those little services that will ease your stay in the city. Do not underestimate them.


We are aware that looking for a room in a new city is always difficult, especially if you don’t know the different neighbourhoods and what they can offer to you. Salamanca is the typical tidy calm safe residential area and it has a great strength, it is right in the city centre. This short list has provided you all the reasons why we think that this neighbourhood is perfect to move in.

Due to the characteristics of the district, shared flats are very rare. For this reason we have decided to settle there some of our housing solutions: to give you the opportunity to live in one of the best neighbourhoods of Madrid. Aren’t you excited? At least you cannot say that we don’t choose amazing locations!