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Universities in Madrid: how to get around and where to live

Universities in Madrid: how to get around and where to live

Are you coming to Madrid to study and you don’t really know where your university is located? Would you like to know in which area you should look for accommodation but you still don’t know the city? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Keep reading.

Here you will find the ultimate list of the Universities in Madrid, their locations, how to get there and the best neighborhood in the center where you can look for a place to live. We have several universities located outside the city center; you can find flats to rent or share close to them, but you won’t take advantage of living in town. The reality is that the transportation at night to this areas is less frequent, and taking a taxi is pretty expensive.

If you want to get the most of your experience here in Madrid, to enjoy the city and to live here as a ‘madrileño’, the best plan would be to rent a place in the center with good connections to your university. So let’s take a look to the list of universities!

Universidad Complutense

You won’t get any trouble to get there since it’s located in the city center, in Moncloa área. You can easily go there by metro line 3 (metro stop: Moncloa), and also with metro line 6 (metro stop: Ciudad Universitaria).

This university has another campus located in Somosaguas. To get there, you will need to go to Moncloa station and take bus A, or go to Aluche and take bus H.

If you’re studying in Complutense, the best area to live would be Argüelles, since it’s the closest and you have straight metro line to go, or Sol, there you can take line 3 to go there.

Universidad Autónoma

It’s located in Cantoblanco, outside the city center. The best way to go there is by train (Cercanías). You should take C4 to Colmenar Viejo and Alcobendas-San Sebastián de los Reyes. If you prefer to go by bus, you can take the 714, 827, 827A or 828.

The best area in Madrid in this case would be Sol, since you have the Cercanías handy and also metro line 1, which will take you to Plaza de Castilla if you rather take bus 714 to go there.

Universidad Politécnica

It has 2 campus, one in Moncloa, easier since it’s in the city center so you can go there by metro (line 6 to Ciudad Universitaria), and other one in Montegancedo. This is on the outskirts so to get there you will need to take the ‘metro ligero’ or buses 591 or 571 from Aluche.

If your campus is Moncloa, you can choose to live in Argüelles or Malasaña. Otherwise, if you’re going to Montegancedo, to go to Aluche you will need to take line 5 so it would be good idea to live around Callao or La Latina.

Universidad Europea

The campus is located in Villaviciosa de Odón, also on the outskirts of the city. To go there, you will need to take a bus from Príncipe Pío (metro line 10, Ramal). From Príncipe Pío you will have access to buses 518, 519, 519A, 510, 510A and 567.

The university has another campus in Alcobendas, where you can go by taking the train (Cercanías C4) and buses 827 and 159.

If you’re going to Villaviciosa, you can think about living in Ópera, so you will have straight line to Príncipe Pío to take the buses. In case you need to go to Alcobendas, Sol would be a good idea so you can take the train.

Universidad San Pablo CEU

It has also 2 campus, one in Moncloa area and the other one in Montepríncipe, outside Madrid. To go to Moncloa campus, you can take line 7 to Guzman el Bueno or line 6 to Metropolitano. Keep in mind also that this campus offers a free shuttle service to Montepríncipe campus; ask for the schedule at the university.

The best area to look for an apartment would be Argüelles, but also Malasaña would be a great option if you’re looking for something more central since it has good connection.

Universidad Pontificia Comillas ICAI-ICADE

It has different campus located around Alberto Aguilera Street, so the closest metro stations are Argüelles, San Bernardo and Ventura Rodríguez.

Regarding the best living area for this university, Malasaña is a great option, especially if the apartment is located next to San Bernardo metro station or in Alberto Aguilera Street.

Universidad Camilo José Cela

This university has 3 campus. One is located in calle Ferraz, in the city center, and you can get there by metro (lines 3 and 4, stops: Ventura Rodríguez, Argüelles) or by bus (number 74). The best area would be Malasaña, especially around San Bernardo and Noviciado metro stations, and also Lavapiés since it’s line 3.

The second is located in Mar de Cristal, and this metro station is located in lines 9 and 4. Also you can get there with buses 72 and 87. Salamanca area would be great to live in if you’re going to this campus, since you can take line 4 from Serrano and Velázquez.

Last but not least, Villafranca is also on the outskirts, and to get there you will need to take buses 623, 626 or 627. Two of them depart from Moncloa station, so again Argüelles or Lavapiés are great options since you can have an straight transportation.

Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio

The campus is located on the outskirts, in Villanueva de la Cañada. To get there, there are many buses from Príncipe Pío Station, such as 627 or 581. Ópera would be the best place to live since it’s 1 stop ahead to Príncipe Pío station, straight line.

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

It has 2 campus on the outskirts, in Fuenlabrada and Móstoles, and another , one in Vicálvaro.

For going to Fuenlabrada and Móstoles, you need to take the train, C5 line to Fuenlabrada central (Fuenlabrada) or Móstoles-El Soto (Móstoles). If you prefer to go by metro, you can take line 12, and the university has also buses to go there. The best area to live in would be Sol due to the fact that you have the train station there.

For going to Vicálvaro, you can take metro line 9 to San Cipriano or take the E3 bus from Salamanca neighborhood, which is straight from there. That’s why living in Salamanca would be great if you’re studying in Vicálvaro campus, especially if you find an apartment in calle Hermosilla or Goya.

Universidad Carlos III

It has 2 campus, one in Getafe and other in Leganés, both on the outskirts. To get there, the best way is by train (Cercanías) therefore to live in Sol would be a good idea since it’s really well connected. You will need to take line C4 for Getafe and C5 for Leganés.

Universidad de Alcalá

It’s located in Alcalá de Henares, so outside Madrid, but it’s easily accesible by Cercanías (train). Again, due to this fact, Sol area would be a great option since you will have there the train station.

Universidad Francisco de Vitoria

The campus is located outside also, and you can get there by bus (657, 561 and 561A). That’s why the areas we recommend you to live in are Argüelles, Lavapiés or Sol, due to the fact that are really well connected to Moncloa, where the bus stop is.

We hope this list will be really helpful for you! Are you missing your university in this list and you need the information? Don’t worry! Contact us:

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