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The most instagramable spots in the Retiro Park

The most instagramable spots in the Retiro Park

You’ve probably heard about it, even enjoyed it already… the amazing views of the Retiro Park are one of the main attractions in the city center. Here we will show you our favorite spots for the best Instagram pics!

The pond

Without a doubt, the top place for a picture. You have lots of angles, with the boats, the monument… We highly recommend you to wait until dawn, especially in summer and fall days.

InstaPicture ©@jewelia_gulia

InstaPicture ©@albita_maldonado

The Glass Palace

Another spot you cannot miss! Many angles for this picture also, but all of them will show an amazing picture.

From the inside. Picture ©PandoTrip

From the outside. InstaPicture ©@albita_maldonado

The views of Puerta de Alcalá from the entry

I love the views! If you enter using the gate that goes to Puerta de Alcalá, when you walk to go to the pond and turn your back, these will be the views:

Picture ©Guías Viajar

The rose garden

It’s maybe less famous, but it’s amazing especially in late spring or early summer days. You will get amazing pictures like the following:

Picture ©Bon Vivant Madrid

‘El Bosque del Recuerdo’ (Forest of Remembrance)

This is also a spot that it might be not that well known. It’s a beautiful memorial to all the people that lose their lifes in the attack that Madrid suffered in 2004. It has 192 trees, one dedicated to honor each person, and they are surrounded by a channel of water that symbolises life. It is a beautiful corner not that often visited.

InstaPicture ©@moniica272