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Get to know Madrid: Malasaña

Get to know Madrid: Malasaña

Malasaña is still the top alternative and cool neighborhood where the big chain stores stay aside to find unique decoration stores, hipster and second hand clothing stores, and all kind of different and cool little places to discover and love. Keep reading, here you have all the hints!

Malasaña is still one of the coolest neighborhoods in Madrid with its edgy look. It’s not polished, but it has its own perfection, it’s unique: you will find graffitis on the walls in basically every street, lots of stores of independent designers, design furniture, second hand products… and amazing restaurants and places to eat and drink.

Malasaña is basically everything within calle Fuencarral and calle Princesa, but the top places to go are basically in the square within San Bernardo (on the west), Gran Vía (south), Fuencarral (east) and Carranza (north). This is the heart of Malasaña and where you should find restaurants with bold dishes in the menu, groundbreaking hair salons, unique fashion stores and edgy bars.

M&Ms (Monuments and Museums!)

There are several museums in Malasaña like the Museo de Historia de Madrid or the Museo del Romanticismo. About monuments, there are not many in Malasaña, the story that the neighborhood tells is about the 80s and the night in Madrid, but you can visit the Plaza del Dos the Mayo.



There are a lot of gastronomic options in Malasaña, from amazing classic Spanish dishes to modern edgy options. For example, you can try the best ‘croquetas’ in Malasaña at Casa Julio, but also burger with pineapple at La Maleta.

You will find also international food options like the Argentinian ‘empanadas’ of Cambalache, and cute places for having a coffee like Happy Day Bakery or Lolina Vintage Café, or an ice cream like Lolo. There’s even a place to buy gourmet popcorn, it’s called Allpop!

Tip: for a gastro-route, don’t miss the following streets: calle del Pez and surroundings, calle de Manuela Malasaña, corredera Alta de San Pablo and corredera Baja de San Pablo (and surroundings of both), calle Espíritu Santo and surroundings.


At night

Although you can find big clubs in Malasaña area like Ochoymedio, the most amazing bars in Malasaña are small and edgy, and most of them are still there from the 80s and they keep the essence. You shouldn’t miss classic places like Penta, Tupper Ware or La vía láctea, but there are also nice hipster places to have a drink like Ojalá or Vacaciones.

Tip: for a bar crawl, don’t miss Corredera Alta de San Pablo, calle Manuela Malasaña, Plaza del Dos de Mayo and surroundings.


Let’s go shopping

You will find amazing streets within the neighborhood, just take a stroll and keep the eyes open! You will find really cool clothing places like Dröm, unique stores such as Popland or really nice decoration stores as DOOC.


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