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Open-air cinema!

Open-air cinema!

Why should we all like summer? Because it offers us many interesting things to do. Good weather and cool temperatures let us stay outside till very late in the evening, there is no need to lock yourself at home with an hot chocolate cup, parks are open until late, rooftops will host you for a cocktail, there are always interesting events, etc. I could go on forever, but I really want to focus on a typical summer event: the open-air cinema.

Some of you are imaging a nice evening drinking a beer with some friends, someone else a romantic evening under the stars: no matter how you imagine it, the open-air cinema is always a great plan. Not just because is a never boring activity, but also because sometimes it let you discover some excellent movies that are not projected in common cinemas. Madrid is plenty of rooftops and open spaces turned into theatre. Do you want to discover them with us? Here some suggestions, that you surely appreciate if you are a great lover of movies.

Parque de la Bombilla

We really wanted to start with this typical American open-air theatre. Nothing is missing, there is the big screen, the threes, the stars … and of course a great movie program. We have already prepared popcorns and jellybeans!

La casa encendida

This cultural centre offers always a wide range of exhibitions and events, and this summer has outdone itself. We would say that this one could be a unique experience. Are you curious? Have a look at their website …

The museum Lope de Vega

The museum will offer, like every year, an intense movie program. You’re busy every Wednesday of July: mark this down! All kidding aside, their proposals are very interesting and they deserve to be in your agenda.

Those are just three of the several open-air cinemas offered by this amazing city, there are so many options! It is impossible not to find a film you like, from old movies to great classics, from Hollywood to the Spanish cinema.

We are actually excited and we will try to benefit from these offers: we will be busy, do not try to contact us … we’re kidding, of course. You're more than welcome to check all the services we provide you, even in the Summer: because we do not offer just housing solutions!

Anyhow, are you ready to stand in the line?