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Spanish beer or better “cerveza”

Spanish beer or better “cerveza”

“¡Una caña por favor!” It is one of the most popular drinks in Spain. You can choose the size, the brand, the type etc … Puzzled? Don’t worry, we will help you!  Let’s start with the location.

Some of the best places to buy and taste some of them are the Irreale (close to the metro station Bilbao) and La Buena Pinta located in the Marcado de San Fernando, perfect to hang out with your friends and eat the traditional tapas.

The second step is the choice of the brand. Mahou, Alhambra Reserva 1925, Cerveza Malasana, Estrella Galicia 1906, Cruz Campo Gran Reserva and Ambar export tres maltas are the most popular ones, but beside these popular brands, you can choose among many types of craft beers.

Once you know which sort of beer you’d like to drink, you must choose the size. In Spain there are five different sizes. The smallest beer you can buy is the “caña”, follows the “doble” (double the size of a “caña”), the “pinta”, the “jarra” and the “botella de cerveza” (12oz.)

Last step: the order! Call the waiter/waitress, ask for your beer and drink … ¡Salud!