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Dubbing? No, thanks

Dubbing? No, thanks

Someone likes dubbed films, someone else the original version. Team dubbing or not, it is always strange to associate a different voice to an actor, even more so if he/she is your favourite one. Fortunately, Madrid has a solution to the problem. There are several theatres (here a link to a list) showing English- language films, both classic and new. Let’s pick one of them, a very special one …  

Yelmo Cines Ideal, an old convent reborn into a movie theatre, offers screenings in the original version (V.O.) with Spanish subtitles at any hour of the day, from the late morning to the evening. It may not be a big modern cinema, but it releases always the newest films screened during the most prestigious film festivals. This is the perfect place to hang out with your friends and spend a nice “movie night”. It is also easy to reach! Cine Ideal is located in the city centre, very close to Puerta del Sol.

No doubt, this small theatre is up-to-date. You couldn’t ask for more!