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Madrid Rio, the urban park that we like!

Madrid Rio, the urban park that we like!

Madrid Rio, an urban park that offers recreation and a green space in Madrid charming city centre. Madrid Rio is much more than a park and we will discover it together in our new blog post of the column “Getting around”, our personal guide through the best parts of Madrid. Are you ready to spend an amazing day with us?

Today’s walk will lead us to an amazing open space in Madrid: this park is actually more than a park. Madrid Rio is fitness, Madrid Rio is culture, Madrid Rio is nature and it is even shopping (shopping is important, too, right? Ahahah). We may begin immediately with all the activities and beauties that you can do and see in this area of Madrid, but, if you know us a bit, you certainly know how much we like chatting with you!

As we like digressions, we couldn’t miss to give you the traditional suggestion. Use our blog to understand which may be the perfect location for your new room. A shared flat close to Madrid Rio, for example, may be a very good choice. Besides the services that the city centre provides, you will have the chance to enjoy many other activities, such as jogging, a walk, shopping, concerts, markets or cultural events. All these things in a charming and calm neighbourhood! Are you still looking for your accommodation? Well, now you know where the shared flat should be located.

Are you still not convinced? That seems reasonable. Therefore, we should begin our walk as soon as possible. How have we organized our tour? Simple, we have just selected the main attractions of the park and the main activities you can do there. So, we just have to begin…

Puente de Toledo

If we have to begin a “walking tour”, we have to begin it in the best way possible! How? With this beautiful bridge! This is the point closest to the city centre and from here, you can begin your walk or you can visit the park by bike…

By bike

 One of the best ways to enjoy this park is by bike. Several itineraries with bridges and gangways will make your ride anything but dull. The first one that you will see is the Arganzuela Bridge. Let’s talk a bit about it!

Arganzuela Footbridge

Dominique Perrault has designed this enchanting bridge completed in 2010. This amazingly beautiful bridge is right in the park Madrid Rio and it has been projected to link the neighbourhoods on the two banks of the river. 

Fitness area

Back to our tour, you may have notices many fitness areas all along the park. Physical exercise is important, especially if you stay all day long sitting in front of a computer. If your accommodation is close to this park, you have the chance to stay fit, too! Moreover, you have great landscapes to be amazed at.


This quick tour is almost over. It has been intense, but it is time to chill with something cultural and relaxing. The Matadero is a Contemporary Art Centre that hosts many exhibitions, markets, events, concerts, performances and much more. These apparently decaying buildings offers the citizens great inspiring activities and you should definitely check their programme!

Shopping Mall

This is the last stop of our tour. Why is the shopping mall at the bottom of our list? Walking around with bags and packages would have ruined our walk. Moreover, there are so many shops and the building is so pretty, that you would have spent there the entire day! This huge shopping mall is perfect if it is a cold rainy day, a little less if you have to save money ahahaha. With this temptation, our day together is over (sadness sigh sigh).


Have you enjoyed your walk? Madrid Rio is actually a great resource and one of the best places to spend your weekend. Regardless of the time of the year, you will always find something to there. Furthermore, living close to it has plenty of perks.

A shared flat close to this urban park may be great choice. This location is one of the best in Madrid: central, with many services and many activities that you can do during the weekend. Why should you live in a shared flat and not alone? This is something we always take for granted, but it is true that sometimes we should refresh this topic. First, by living with other people you can share expenses and rent. Then, you can meet nice people to spend your weekends with. There are many other reasons why you should live in a shared flat, but this is not the right blog post to point them out.

Dear reader, it is already time to say goodbye. Our column will come back soon, though, and many other interesting (we hope you will like them) and useful (at least some of them) posts will entertain you in the meantime. So, as always, keep reading us and stay tuned.

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