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Madrid by bike

Madrid by bike

We are not directly related to the bike sharing company and the information may change over time. They have been collected by helpAccommodation.

Madrid by bike with BiciMAD, the ultimate service of public transports in Madrid. As in many other European cities, bike sharing is becoming popular among the citizens of several Spanish cities. This time, in our public transports column, we will talk about BiciMAD, the bike sharing service made in Madrid! 

When it comes to public transports, we always look at efficiency, speed, affordability. Bus and subway are without any doubt the most used means of transport in big cities such as Madrid, Milan, Barcelona, London, etc. Do we have any other option? Recently, bike has been revalued as the healthy, environmental friendly and practical mean of transport available in the big cities.

As in many other occasions, the location of your room plays a central role. As this is a brand new service, it is well developed in the city centre, but you will meet fewer stations as you get further away from it. Therefore, the district where you look for your new home away from home is of paramount importance. We always suggest our beloved readers to collect many information about the city and its areas when looking for a shared flat. By checking previously services, transports, restaurants, etc. you will ease your life once you move to Madrid.

Now you know that you should find a room close a station of BiciMAD. As mentioned before, always more cities offer the bike sharing service all around the city and Madrid is no exception. 2028 bikes, 165 stations and 4116 stands, this environmental friendly service is one of the best ways to explore Madrid, to go to work, to go to the university or to do any of your favourite activities. It is time to find out more about it!


How does it work?

 Ready to find out how does BiciMAD work? Simplicity and speed are the words used to describe this efficient service spread all around the city. Before the details, we have to make very first step. We have to sign up and create our account. Once we have done this, we can go further…

Here, you have a map of the stations!

In order to use this service you need either a long-term transport card (annual membership) or an occasional membership that will let you use the service for 1, 3 or 5 days. Let’s focus now on the annual membership, the cheapest way to move around Madrid.


Long Term Transport Card

How to get an annual membership? You can pay by card either from the website, or by using the practical app that will let you use the service wherever you are.

How much does it cost? If you have already a Public Transport Card, the membership will cost only 15 euros. Otherwise, it will cost 25 euros. It is cheap in both cases, isn’t it?

How does it work? The first 30 minutes will cost only 0,50 euros and the second ones 60 euros. There are many other additional details and we suggest you to read them carefully on the official website of BiciMAD. (link)


How to get you bicycle

Now it is time to get your bike! We have simplified the procedure by dividing it in simple and quick steps.

STEP 1_Find a terminal with enough bikes (well, one is enough).

STEP 2_Log with your Long Term Card.

STEP 3_Select the bike.

STEP 4_Go to the selected stand and unlock your bike.

Tip: Before going to the terminal and select the bike, have a look at the condition of the bike. They have maintenance, but a breakdown may always occur.

Once you have reached your destination, lock the bike and be sure that it is blocked properly, otherwise you will continue to pay for it!


How the bike works

There are buttons and lights that you have to know before using your bike:

  • The ON/OFF red button will let you to switch on and off the bike.
  • The Light button (the blue one) lets you to switch on and off the lights.
  • The green button “MODE” lets you choose the intensity of the electric power for the bike. There are three levels.
  • In the right part of the handle bar, you can see the level of battery.

Now you are ready to whizz through the streets of Madrid


Bikes are not simply environmental friendly; they are a way to stay fit and healthy. Useless to say, we like them! A lot! This ultimate service has saved our lives several times, especially when metro does not work during night. By living in the central areas of Madrid, it is easier to find a station and to go from one place to the other by bike. Useless to say, have a look at our column about Madrid and its neighbourhood: there are many interesting tips that will help you finding the right location for your room in Madrid.

It is all for today, stay tuned and do not miss our next article!