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Madrid viewpoints: the best views of the Spanish capital

Madrid viewpoints: the best views of the Spanish capital

Do you know the best viewpoints of the Spanish capital? Madrid is beautiful, everyone knows it. Nonetheless, it can be even more charming. How is that even possible? There are several viewpoints that will leave you breathless. Discover them with us… We cannot wait to begin this walk with you!

In order to really appreciate this amazing city, it may be necessary to change perspective. Furthermore, it makes fun to change plans and discover new parts of Madrid, even if they are far from the city centre. Lights, buildings, tiny people and charming sunsets… This is what the viewpoits are offering to us every single day. It would be a pity not to enjoy their views.

Let’s stray a little. Are you planning to move here? We usually suggest our readers to look for a shared flat rather than a student residence. Why? Many reasons ahahaha. First of all, you can meet many international people and interact with them. Then, you share the expenses. You improve your language skills, learn something about other cultures… As you can see, a room in a shared flat improves positively your lifestyle. Well, this is the reason why we always suggest our readers this housing solution and this is the reason why we have done this long digression! Let’s go back now to our viewpoints!

helpMadrid has selected for you 4 different viewpoint where you will enjoy some of the best views of the city. Todays tour starts in the city centre and finishes in a romantic park outside Madrid… It will be a long day, are you ready?


Faro de Moncloa

This is the starting point of our walk. As the name of this building may suggest, it is located in Moncloa, a beautiful neighbourhood in the centre of Madrid (actually, many students live there because there are many faculties). This 92 metres-high building has been builded in 1992 in occasion of the nomination of Madrid as the European Capital of Culture. Since 2015, it is possible to visit this building and enjoy a breathtaking view of the centre of Madrid. Just avaid the Mondays… it is closed!


Not too far from the Moncloa transmission tower, very close to the Parque de l’Oeste, there is a cable car that link the previously mentioned park to the Casa de Campo, the largest park in Madrid. Once you have reached the top in one of the 72 cabins (they look so vintage!), you will see the amazing castle, the cathedral and a beautiful skyline of the buildings of Madrid. This cable car is perfect for an alternative weekend in Madrid! And the view… What are you waiting for? Just go!

Montaña del Principe Pio

Not too far from the Parque de l’Oeste, you will see the beautiful Temple of Debod, an ancient Egyptian Temple. Close to the temple, you will notice one of our favourite viewpoints. It is closest to the Sabatini gardens, to the Royal Palace and to the Cathedral, but the view here is breathtaking. You must have seen the view from this perspective several times: it is one of the most common pictures of Madrid, especially during sunset. Third place in the list, first place in our hearts!

Cerro del Tío Pío Park

This park, caracterized by its seven hills, is located in the district Puente de Vallecas, not too far from the city centre. Even though it is less famous than all the other parks in Madrid, it is one of the best places to enjoy a chraming sunsets with your friends. The reason why we appreciate this park, besides the amazing view of Madrid, is the possibility to pic nic or simply to spend a nice afternoon with our flatmates, friends, colleagues. Something different not too far from the city centre.


Have you ever been to one of them? Or do you know some other point to enjoy an amazing view of Madrid? Let us know… we look costantly for new places to admire this beautiful city and its colourful sunsets.

Even though you love your cosy room and you like spending time in your shared flat, gather up your flat mates and friends and organize a trip. Here you have four amazing reasons to say “See you soon” to your blankets and go out. What we assure you? Amazing pictures of one of the most beautiful European capitals… Don’t miss these views!

See you next month with another walk through the streets of Madrid. Stay tuned!

Your affectionate,

helpMadrid Team