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Theatres in Madrid: let’s discover this enchanted universe!

Theatres in Madrid: let’s discover this enchanted universe!

Theatres in Madrid are everywhere, literally. There is no a single a street in the city centre without a big or small hidden theatre. To list them all is a “mission impossible”, to say the best one either. What can we do? Walk a bit around Madrid and select some of these pretty treasures.

Going to the theatre is not something that you do every day, but it may be a smart alternative to the more common cinema or to the couch in the living room of your flat. Furthermore, it is much better than watching Netflix or HBO on your bad, all alone in your room.

Comedy or musical, drama or opera. No way not to find something that you and your friends can appreciate. Even better if they are close to your house: no need of public transports, always informed about the new performances, always stimulated to live a new experience. You may have understood that we are great fans of this performing art, at least as much as we love cinemas and TV series!

As promised, let’s begin our walk, Madrid is huge and the theatres are many. The show can begin!

Teatro Lope de Vega

Once upon a time in Africa a lion king… Yes, we have decided to start with one of the theatres that hosts a permanent performance, internationally recognized as a masterpiece, The Lion King. An extremely suggestive musical that will bring you back in time, when you were kids and were dreaming of living with the lions in Africa! Amazing costumes and breath-taking background, heart-breaking scenes and wonderful music.

Let’s talk about the theatre though. Since 1949, the Lope de Vega theatre hosts every kind of performance. It is located in Gran Via, close to many other theatres spread between Plaza de España and Callao. If you live already in Madrid, you may have noticed this part of Gran Via and, possibly, you have tried to look for a room in this Spanish Broadway.

Teatro Coliseum

This is the second theatre we meet during our walk. We are not far away from the previous one and the genre is similar. In the pretty Teatro Coliseum are performed mainly musicals. And, it seems that Disney is following us! (Not the other way around, we hasten to add!) You may wonder why. Well, this season opens with the Disney musical “Anastasia” that apparently will be a great success. We are already on the list; we cannot miss it.

Teatro Real

We leave for a bit the musicals behind and we face some, let’s say, “more traditional” performances. Do you like Mozart, Verdi, Wagner and all these music geniuses? You may not have watched many operas or ballets, but you have surely already heard about them and listened to some of the most famous parts. As it is never too late to begin to enjoy this kind of music, we suggest you to have a look at the programme and take advantage of the cultural offer of Madrid to widen your horizons. It’s never too early (or too late, it depends on the perspective) to get familiar with the opera.

Teatro Calderon

From Plaza de Oriente, let’s go on, heading Sol and Calle de Atocha. It is impossible not to notice this amazing theatre, the banners are usually huge and original (there has been a spider on the façade for months!). It offers several type of performances, from the typical show to the crisp musicals.

The building itself is actually interesting: the architect has been inspired by the traditional Italian style. Since the 1917, it hosts performances and entertain people from all over the world. It is definitely worth “a visit”.

Teatro Español

Our walk ends in Plaza Sant’Ana, where another amazing performance is waiting for us. Since 1565, this theatre created by Felipe II offers to its public touching and beautiful comedies. It is located in one of the most suggestive squares of Madrid, full of cafes and breath-taking building. At the very end of it, you will certainly notice this ancient theatre and all its beauty. Needless to say, have a look at the program and plan an alternative evening with your flatmates!

Have we listed all the theatres? Not a chance ahahah, but we cannot write about all of them in one single article. We don’t even know where are hidden all the theatres in Madrid. We will get back to that in the future. For now, you have enough shows to watch!

In order to discover all the theatres treasured in this amazingly interesting city, you have to choose carefully the location of your new home. By living in some of the best areas of Madrid, you’ll be able to find tiny little buildings that offer a wide programme of shows and performances. We mean, it’s nearly fall… you cannot stay every evening at home.

It’s time to buy the tickets, guys! See you next time with another interesting plan!