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What you cannot miss in August!

What you cannot miss in August!

Every month is amazing for some reason, but August in Madrid is the most colourful month ever! Are you wondering why we are so in love with this period of the year? Well, if you’ve ever been in Madrid in August, you certainly know that there are neighbourhood’s celebrations. Amazing opportunities to get to know the place where you live.

What about your neighbourhood? Are you celebrating, too? If you have the fortune to live in the city centre or where the locals live, you’ll get a glimpse of Spanish culture and Spanish traditions. If you’re still looking for your room in a shared flat, take into account this detail!

Is no one celebrating in your neighbourhood? Have you missed the date? Don’t worry, helpMadrid has great plans for you. We have suggested you some nice events that you cannot absolutely miss this month. We’ve selected tasty things, other more cultural and finally some events that may be very interesting. Are you ready to enjoy the creasiest summer month?



International cuisine

We are great lovers of Spanish cuisine, but sometimes it is interesting to discover new tastes. Madrid is a big city and offers many international cuisines. The most common restaurants are the Japanese, Chinese, Mexican or Indians ones, but we’ve found also some very good Greek, Russian, Peruvian and Colombian restaurants. Some of them offer also the take away option, so that you can taste their delicacies at home, with your flatmates or with your friends. Are you ready for international tastes?

Gazpacho or Salmorejo?

Both soups, both tasty and both refreshing. But there are differences between these two Spanish dishes. Which is your favourite one? We could eat Salmorejo every day… when you go back home, you need something tasty!



Op Art

We kindly suggest this monographic exhibition presented by the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. The protagonist of this exhibition is Victor Vasarely, one of the most important exponents of this form of art. Op art, short for optical art, is an abstract style dominated by black and white. Are you ready for abstraction?

Sala Equis

This hidden paradise is actually a cinema, but not a normal one. Instead of the newest movies, you’ll have the chance to discover some old masterpieces that, otherwise, would be hard to come by. Moreover, this cinema is simply enchanting: it looks like an outdoor cinema with benches, swings and an amazing smell of popcorn.



Neighbourhood celebrations

The end of July and August are the best months to live your neighbourhood or to get to know better the districts of Madrid. There are several celebrations and you shouldn’t miss them. We are sure you’ll meet new friends and you’ll enjoy this full immersion in the Spanish culture. Check the link and have a look at the programme.

Roller Disco

24 August This event is actually divided in two parts. During the first one (h 20.00-21.45), you’ll have the chance to skate freely and without danger in Chamberì. The second part is without any doubt the interesting one: have you everdanced with rollerblades. Something new, isn’t it?


As already mentioned, if your room is in a good location, you won’t have any problem to find these and many other events in Madrid. By the way, we’ve left you all the necessary links to orient yourself. What can we say? Enjoy!

See you soon … This time on September!