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Let’s dance!

Let’s dance!

“El flamenco es la cultura más importante que tenemos en España y me atrevo a decir que en Europa. Es una música increíble, tiene una gran fuerza emotiva y un ritmo y una emoción que muy pocos folclores europeos poseen.” – Paco de Lucía

These were the words of the flamenco composer Paco de Lucía. Everyone knows something about flamenco, the traditional Spanish dance, and everyone should go to a flamenco show at least one time during his/her stay in Madrid. What are the best places to see a show? We will give you some advice … 



Corral de la Morería- This is one of the oldest restaurants where flamenco is performed. According to The New York Times it is in the list of the “1100 places to see before you die” … What are you waiting for?

Torres Bermejas- The atmosphere is definitely the strong point of this restaurant: an Islamic style environment is the perfect background for the dancers. Good news, the food is also super tasty!

Cardamomo- This is less traditional and nevertheless interesting. Flamenco is in this restaurant a fusion between the traditional flamenco music and jazz. Definitely on the cutting edge!

Cafè de Chinitas- Back to traditional flamenco, you cannot miss the Cafè de Chinitas: a vintage “tablao” for an experience back in time.

Enjoy the show!