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Get to know Madrid: Lavapiés

Get to know Madrid: Lavapiés

We have a new post about the top neighborhoods of Madrid. This time, let’s explore Lavapiés, undoubtely the most diverse and with the biggest cultural and etnian mixture.

Lavapiés is not a neighborhood by itself (the neighborhood is Embajadores) but it’s like La Latina, is well known as if it was. It’s basically the area within the Reina Sofía Museum, Tirso de Molina and El Rastro, and we could say that its heart is Plaza de Lavapiés.


M&M’s (Monuments and Museums!)

In Lavapiés, you will find a cultural fusión everywhere you go, so it’s not a surprise that you can find very different museums such as the Reina Sofía –modern art museum–, CaixaForum –it’s not in Lavapiés but really close to it, and it’s an space for temporary expositions–, or the ‘Museo del Teléfono Antiguo’, pretty different, huh? 


You cannot miss neither some other cultural spaces that Lavapiés offers you, like the Teatro Circo Price or La Tabacalera. Also, you can find many restaurant and bars that have cultural performances, like live music or jam sessions, even ‘microteatro’!



Well, if we already say that Lavapiés is pure diversity, let’s talk about food and gastronomy. You will find international food from all around the world: from traditional food –Badila (traditional), Melo’s (‘croquetas’ and ‘zapatillas’), La Caleta (typicla food from Cádiz), La Malaje (from Córdoba), El Boquerón…– to creative cuisine –El Dinosaurio (I love this place!), La otra casa (contemporary)–. From around the world, you will find Indian food, Lebanese (Beirut), with an English twist (Los Chuchis), Neapolitan pizza (NAP), Greek food (Egeo)…

If you are up for tapas, you can go to calle Argumosa and surroundings, you will find many awesome places!

If you want a coffee, you will find many great places, but I personally love the traditional Café Barbieri.


At night

What can we say about music? In Lavapiés, you can have it all. From flamenco to jazz, funk, soul, oldies, rock… whatever you want! Here you have a list with different styles!

Olivia – mixed, several styles in one night.

El Botas – rock.

La 80 – oldies.

Sala Caracol – alternative concerts.

Club 33 – mixed.

El Juglar – bohemian place with different styles like jazz, funk, soul, etc.

El Figurante – cool themed place all inspired and decorated with photography and movie related ítems.


Let’s go shopping!

Well, as you can imagine by now, shops in this neighborhood won’t be Zara or H&M. Here you will find unique stores that sell handmade pieces, and not only clothing! Just for mentioning a couple, we can talk about Kalav or Wanderer (clothing) –this one is a beautiful store with unique clothing and accesories, it deserves a visit–, but also Sra. Wood (vintage restored furniture), or even some quirky suggestions such as Germinando (plants and tools, it’s not a florist store but a store with all you need to have your own urban horticultural garden, even if it’s in a flowerpot!) and Magia y Té (they give you what they promise: unique tea and magic!).


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Are you ready to discover this amazing neighborhood? You’ll be surprised, that’s granted!