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Sweet treats

Sweet treats

Sweet treats and nice friends, this is the best way to begin this autumn! We may seem too excited, but we want to see the positive side of being far from summer and the dreaded bikini season. Goodbye diet! Welcome sweets, cake, croissants, ice creams (it is not too cold, yet), waffles, hot chocolate with churros… We have a never-ending list of treats ahahahah

Whether you taste them in a cosy café or in your home with your flatmates, sweet treats are some of the best to spend a nice afternoon or evening with friends. Even better if you have a nice bakery just around the corner. Actually, this should become one of your parameters when you look for a shared flat. As we like to suggest quite often, the location of your new home away from home is of paramount importance: remember it!

Maybe it is better to cut the chase and go back to the topic of this article. Today’s hot topic is… drumroll… the best sweet treats that you will ever taste in Madrid! Before starting this sweet journey with us, remember that a healthy diet and physical activity are the key for a healthier lifestyle. Of course, you can alternate your apple with some sweets, but do not overdo it… Taste the following treats moderately!

Are you ready for this list of delicious suggestions?

La Mallorquina and its pastries

It doesn’t matter if it is early in the morning or late in the afternoon, you will certainly find a cake or a small pastry for you. If you really like sweets and appreciate the haute patisserie, you must go there! Amazing cakes, colourful decorations and snow-white meringues … a paradise that you have to visit during your stay in Madrid. Kidding aside, this is the right place to treat you and your flatmates with a delicious coffee and a sweet guilty pleasure.

Torrons Vicens

Vicens produces artisan nougats since 1775 and they are all incredibly tasty. We have discovered this shop during the last Christmas holidays and we simply fell in love with it. Forget about the traditional nougats and the boring tastes: originality is their keyword! Our favourite one stays the Almond Creamy Nougat, but the “Roots Nougat”, the “Lunar Tread Nougat” or the one with Gin and white chocolate are amazing, too. For the ones that want a healthy treat, there are sugarless nougats: when you taste them, let us know!

Chocolateria San Ginés

Since 1894, they take care of Spanish people offering them hot chocolate and crunchy churros. This is a traditional combo made in Spain and, even though it may sound strange (churros are actually fried), it is delicious. We haven’t chosen a casual place, but one of the best and oldest chocolaterie in Madrid. You have no excuse, you must visit this place during your stay in Madrid. Unlike the other two options, you cannot treat yourself at home… well, your flatmates can go with you and, do you know what? It is opened 24 hours! A nice activity for the weekend, isn’t it?


Have you ever been in Calle Sevilla? If you did, you may have had the privilege to smell pastries in the entire street. This café is in the city centre (very close to Sol), nonetheless the atmosphere there is calm and relaxed. Our suggestion? Go there for breakfast, order a Lazo and drink a cappuccino or a cup of tea. Your day will be amazing since the very beginning.


We have suggested you ice cream since May, but we never get tired to taste this amazingly sweet treat. A member of our team has a special passion for it and, therefore, has suggested us this ice cream shop. The tastes? Too many! Traditional? No, original! Lemon Pie, Carrot Cake, Red Velvet, Oreo, the traditional Pistachio, hazelnut, mango, lemon, mandarin, melon, Nutella, tiramisù… Should we go on? We mean, shouldn’t we go there directly and taste them all?

Sweet Brothers

They are our “official suppliers” (they just still do not know it) and once you see their cakes, you understand the reason why. They produce delicious artisanal masterpieces; do you know the traditional American cakes? The ones that you see in every single movie? That ones. They are not just beautiful, but they are unbelievably tasty. Unfortunately, this is not a small treat. After a slice of their cakes, you will need a membership in the best fitness studio of Madrid! By the way, occasionally…  

Distrito vegano

Dear vegan friends, we didn’t forget you! You deserve great treats and we have the right ones. Distrito vegano is actually a very tasty vegan restaurant with a great cake selection. The apple pie is good; the black forest cherry cake is a dream; the violet cake with coconut cream is an original treat and the dark chocolate and mint cream cake is pure perfection. Are you ready to gain weight?


helpMadrid thinks of everything! We offer you amazing rooms in some of the best neighbourhoods in Madrid and we suggest you some of the best pastries close to your shared flats. What more do you need?

Goodbye, diet! Welcome, treats!