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Tips to find the perfect accommodation

Tips to find the perfect accommodation

Everyone needs some tips when it comes to room or flat search. Even more so, if you are looking for an accommodation abroad for the first time. The big European capitals offer more than small towns, nonetheless, it may be a “mission impossible” to find a cheap and safe housing solution.

Which kind of housing solution should you look for? Where should you live during your stay? Who should you trust? What kind of services are you looking for? These questions need answers and they need them as soon as possible. At least some weeks before the beginning of your new adventure abroad. Actually, without a place to stay, it is hard to begin your new life!

What you need now is a list, or better, a list of tips that will help you to find the right path to rent the room of your dreams. As already mentioned in one of our articles, once you have a budget, you are on the downhill run. What else do you need to get the most of your stay abroad? A cosy pretty room! Here some tips to get the perfect one…

  • Look for a shared flat

Shared flats are the perfect solution to get the most of your stay abroad. There are several very good reasons to choose this housing solution instead of a student residence or a flat on your own. Here some of them:

  • By interacting every day with international people, you will improve your language skills, both Spanish and English.
  • You never get bored! You can plan many activities with your flat mates. Believe us, they will be your best friends.
  • You will experience new cultures and grow. As they will come from all over the world, they will have different habits. You have to embrace them and, why not, learn new things.
  • You can share the expenses and the rent.
  • Select a good and central neighbourhood

If you want to enjoy the city, this tiny little detail is of paramount importance. By living in central and calm neighbourhoods, you will have more chances to go out and take part to many events.

  • Check the services and connections

Wherever your future room will be, have a look at the services and the connections of the area. Check the banks, the grocery shops and any other service you may need: the closer, the better. If you live far away from any bus or metro station, it will be likely to arrive late at meetings and classes.

  • Read the contract

When you are going to rent a room, always read carefully the contract. You must be aware of the terms and conditions, the costs and any other important clause.

  • Ask for help

In order to help you avoid frauds or unpleasant surprises, trust the housing providers. They are intermediaries between you and the landlords and will take care of your interests. helpMadrid is one of these providers. Since 2010, we take care of our clients by offering housing solutions and several services that ease their lives. We provide a valuable assistance before, during and after your stay.


Follow our five tips and your stay in Madrid will be a success. Kidding apart, these suggestions should guide you through the difficult room search.

For any further information or suggestion, we are always here to assist you and help you. Our main goal? Make your stay in Madrid as simple as possible. From the very beginning of your adventure, you can count on us.

Good luck with the search and enjoy your experience abroad.