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Spanish Hollywood: lights, camera, action!

Spanish Hollywood: lights, camera, action!

Spanish Hollywood, some of the best Spanish directors whose films are not to be missed. Yes, you got it: our cultural column is finally back! Have you missed us? We have missed you a lot and, for this reason, we have prepared a very very very interesting post for you.

The American genius is unquestionable. The French great directors are simply unforgettable. The Italian comedies are incomparable. What about the Spanish cinema? The Iberian Peninsula gave us great directors, great movies and, therefore, an interesting tradition of inestimable value. Almodóvar, of course, but also Juan Antonio Bardem, Álex de la Iglesia… We do not want to spoiler you all of them prematurely!

Have you already found the perfect place to watch the movies of these directors? The location is important as much as the quality of the movies. Do you prefer a cold and sad room or a cosy modern and beautiful shared-flat? There is no need to answer. The perfect place to enjoy a movie night is without any doubt your accommodation, but it should be a cosy-shared flat! Imagine you with your flatmates, trying to learn some Spanish with a good Spanish film… Popcorn included, of course.

Now that we have pictured the perfect movie night, you know what to do: look for the shared flat of your dreams, socialize with your new “family”, and teach them something about our selected directors. When it comes to movie nights, helpMadrid is always ready to give you suggestions ahahahah.

Let’s just get to our point, we were talking about directors, Spanish directors and we have already mentioned some members of our top 5. Besides a short description of the director, we will provide you a short list of movies. The titles are in Spanish not because we did not want to look for the English ones. We think that watching a movie with the original dialogues is better than watching the dubbed versions. Furthermore, this is your chance to improve Spanish!

Are you curious to know more about them and their works? There you go.

Luis Buñuel

This director of the last century has been the father of Surrealism. He began his career in Paris and created with Salvador Dalì the short but intense movie “Un chien andalou”. This one has been only the first of several successes that have earned him several awards, such as the Best Director award at the Cannes Film Festival or the Palme D’Or.

Must watch: “Belle de jour”, “Le charme discret de la bourgeoisie”, “Viridiana”, “Los olvidados”.

Pedro Almodóvar

He is one of the most internationally known Spanish filmmakers and everyone has seen one of his films at least once. An Oscar, many awards and uncountable nominations, all these credits are more than well deserved! He collaborates with great actors, too, such as Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem… Useless to say, if you live in Spain, you must know this director!

Must watch: “Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios”, “Volver”, “La piel que habito”, “Habla con ella”, “Julieta”, “Todo sobre mi madre”, “Los amantes pasejeros”... and all its movies ahahahah

Juan Antonio Bardem

After the two great personalities we have just described, another great director. Bardem, born in Madrid, has been an outspoken critic of the Franco regime and this political view can be experienced in some of his films. Are you wondering if there is any connection with our beloved Javier Bardem? Of course, there is! He is actually his uncle!

Must watch: “Muerte de un ciclista” (Cannes International Critics Award), “Calle Mayor” (Venice Critics Award), “Siete dias de Enero” (Moscow Festival Golden Prize).

Fernando Trueba

Another great director from Spain, the one who is spreading the style of the "comedia madrileña" all over the world. As the previous ones, he has won many awards and he will probably increase his collection.

Must watch: “Ópera prima”, “Chico y Rita”, “Belle Époque”, “El baile de la Victoria”

Álex de la Iglesia

He has won so many awards! This excellent filmmaker has nothing to envy to any other director. Science fiction, black humour. If you have not watched any of his films, well… you must fix it! A short list follows in order to let you explore this Spanish genius.

Must watch: “Acción Mutante”, “El Dia de la Bestia”, “Perdita Durango”, “Muerta de Risa”, “La comunidad”, “Crimen perfecto”.


What about the list of the movie that you have to watch? Longer than ever? Yes, we are familiar with this feeling and we do not want to keep you from your amazing movie night. Not for long, at least ahahahah Kidding aside, we will let you organize your evening, don’t worry. Wait, we have a better idea! We can help you…

Step one: find a nice cosy corner in your shared flat. If you live in a shared flat, and we really hope you do for the several reasons we have mentioned you several times, it cannot be too difficult to create a nice atmosphere with pillows, blankets, candles and popcorns…

Step two: gather your friends and choose the director and the movie. Our list is a good starting point (well, it was the aim of this blog post), but remember that there are many other Spanish directors and many other excellent Spanish movies that deserve to be known.

Step three: start the movie. Stop chatting and begin your movie night… Little suggestion, do not begin your evening too late!

Have you already prepared the popcorn? Lights, camera, Action!

We almost forgot. Do not miss our upcoming articles about Madrid and all the activities you can do in the Spanish Capital… Quick anticipation: we are preparing a Christmassy Agenda for all of you! This December will be unforgettable, so, stay tuned!