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Cosy bookshops for lazy days

Cosy bookshops for lazy days

Cosy bookshops for lazy days and… lazy people. Everyone needs a break from parties and social life and everyone needs those calm moments when the only thing you have to do is reading a good book.

Everyone needs that lazy moment at home with a hot cup of tea and a huge novel, a break from parties and the hustle and bustle of Madrid. Shared flats really makes you desire a calm afternoon with a book and with your flatmates. It is the perfect way to combine social life and laziness, chatter and silence. But before this lazy paradise, you need a book.

Madrid has hundreds of cosy bookshops. Old, new, modern, fancy… there is a bit of everything and, well, needless to say, we love it! Some of them are the classical stores with many books and old shelves, others are modern and have cosy sofas to chill and read your brand new novel. There are huge five floors bookshops or tiny themed ones.

As the bookshops in Madrid are so cool and different, we have decided to dedicate our cultural column to them. Do you have a list of desired books? Because you will need a long one!


La Central

The very first bookshop we have fallen in love with is La Central. There are at least three reasons. First, it has books in English, Italian, German, French, etc. So, if your Spanish is still not good enough, you can choose another language and, if you are lucky enough, in your own! Second, you can find books of all topics, from gardening to graphic novels, from crime novels to fashion books. And last but not least, it has a beautiful cosy café super well decorated and with delicious treats! Now you know the reason why we love it so much ahahahah

Traficantes de Sueños

As you may guess, the thing that attracted us the most is the name! This tiny bookshop (well, tiny if compared with the huge FNAC) hosts several readings, seminars and events related to literature, important topics and new authors. Besides the name, even the activities are interesting, isn’t it? This is definitely the right place to look for an interesting book and read it comfortably in your shared flat. If you live close, it is even better!

La Fugitiva

New books are cool, but old ones have a special allure, a fascinating story behind them, a past, a smell… Our third cosy bookshop sells second hand books and the interior design is quite special. You can read your “new” novel sitting in one of their table, close to the window and drinking your hot espresso. If you expect something hipster, you will be disappointed, and if you are looking for a modern bookshop, too. Even if you won’t buy one of their books, you have necessarily visit them once… maybe you can go there with a friend and have a couple of coffee.

Libreria Desnivel

Do you like hiking and wild nature? Are you planning an adventurous travel? If you enjoy reading about adventurous explorers, journeys or simply about nature, you will surely find many inspiring books. We appreciate the interior design, too. Wood and warm lights, it slingshots you in a beautiful house in the mountains.

And many many others!


Autumn is the right season to spend some afternoons at home with your flatmates or with a warm blanket in your room. It is even better if you have a good book to read.

By looking for a shared flat in the city centre, you will have at your disposal several bookshops to find out new interesting books. Furthermore, bookshops are places to spend some pleasant hours, read and, as we have seen before, to drink a cappuccino with your friends. It would be a pity not to live close!

See you next month with our cultural column! We will miss you a lot, but do not miss the interesting plan we have in mind.