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Madrid: Barrio de Sol

Madrid: Barrio de Sol

Madrid and Sol are nearly synonyms! Sol is not just a metro station; it is one of the most central neighbourhoods in Madrid. Puerta del Sol, the Tio Pepe billboard, La Mallorquina… Sol is more than this and we want to discover it with you. Our neighbourhood column is back and have great plans for you!

Looking for a room in Madrid may be a huge feat: many students and few rooms available! It is one of the most charming cities in Europe, after all. In order to help students and young workers in the difficult flat hunting we provide every month tips and information to find a shared flat in Madrid and to get familiar with this huge city and its neighbourhoods. Our aim is to help you and to give you all you need to get the most of your stay abroad.

We have already described several neighbourhoods and, if you have not already, we kindly suggest you to visit our blog and read these interesting posts. Now it is the turn of Barrio de Sol. Are you curious to know something more about it? Well, let’s have a look around…

As always, dear friends, we begin with a brief story about the Barrio de Sol! This area entails Plaza Mayor, Callao and all the streets between Gran Via and Calle de Atocha. It is clear enough that this area is named after the square Puerta del Sol, its center and location of the Km 0 (the point from which the main national roads are measured). This area is mainly commercial; actually, there are many pretty shops, boutiques and cafes… a place to discover!



All the most important museums in Madrid can be easily reached from this neighbourhood. We know they are not exactly in this area, therefore, we have checked and found a valuable museum here: the Gaviria Palace. This amazing building, the interiors are breath-taking, hosts every six month a brand new exhibition. The selected subjects are always extremely interesting, so interesting that we always include them in our agendas.

Free time

Needless to say, you won’t have free time ahahahah. Cinemas, theatres, museums, restaurants, shops, beautiful buildings, fitness centres… The only thing you may miss is a park. Even in that case, the solution is just around the corner. The Retiro Park is not too far from any point of this area, you do not have any excuse. Ready to have fun? Yes, there some of the most famous clubs in the city and, let’s say so, your weekends won’t be boring, at all.


We should not need to specify that, but in this neighbourhood, the services are countless. Supermarkets, shopping malls, smaller shops, restaurants, offices, subway, busses, trains… Well, this list is potentially endless. Let’s talk about the two main services: grocery shops and public transports. Even though Sol is in the city centre, there is a huge amount of supermarkets and minimarkets. Our favourite? El Corte Ingles! It is one of the biggest in the area and it has a huge variety of products. There are many others, some of them even cheaper (Dia, Carrefour, etc). Public transports? They will never be a problem. Being the station Sol so close, there are literally all the transports you may need during your stay.


Do you wish to live in this beautiful neighbourhood? Make your dreams come true! Ahahahah this is not a fairy tale. helpMadrid is aware that it may be hard to find a flat in this central area. Therefore, we have decided to open there some of our shared flats. Choose your new home away from home in Sol!

Now that you know that it is possible to live in Sol, there is only one thing left: book your flight and plan your stay abroad! We know that it is soon for the New Year’s resolutions, but moving abroad should be the first one of your list. Kidding aside, do not miss our blog posts: we always provide interesting tips and information to get the most out of your stay in Madrid.

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Dear all, it is time to say goodbye… Not be sad, though! Our column will come back in a month and, before then, we will entertain you with many other posts.