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What you cannot miss in November!

What you cannot miss in November!

What you cannot miss in November… helpMadrid, as always, has many plans for you! Needless to say, you cannot miss any of the suggested events… They are just amazing! Madrid offers a lot and it may be difficult to sort everything out. Happily, we are have make a selection for you (you know we care about you!!!). Our “What you cannot miss” column is designed to make your life even easier: no need of looking for something do to, we have done it for you!

Our aim? Ease you life… in every sense. We plan monthly all the important information that you may need to move to Madrid, to find a flat in a good neighbourhood, to learn Spanish, to enjoy all the Madrid secret corners, to eat tasty food from all over the word and to spend your free time in the best way possible… In few words? We help you to get the most out of your stay abroad.

From your accommodation (cosy rooms in shared flats) to the plans for the weekend, helpMadrid is always at your disposal. But… Should we begin with the things that you cannot miss in November?




Cocido is a traditinal Spanish soup made by several types of meat and sausages, chickpeas, cabbage and noodles. This is a tasty way to warm up during the cold seasons and, believe us, you will be satisfied. Where? We suggest you Malacatin (where you can taste a delicious risotto with mushrooms), but there many good restaurants to taste this soup. Have a look at our suggetsions…

Amazonico Restaurante

We are all food lovers and food here is delicious, but there is another reason why we like this restaurant so much… The interiors are unbeliveably beautiful. The proof is in the pudding: go there once and you will fall in love, too! Have a look at our post on FB… we had to put there a picture of this enchanting corner of Madrid.



Tamara de Lempicka

Art Déco, we love you! So, we (and you) cannot miss this exhibition by Tamara de Lempicka. Moreover, it is located in the beautiful Palacio de Gaviria… It is just breathtaking.

El Rey Leon

“It's the circle of life
And it moves us all
Through despair and hope
Through faith and love”

Madrid offers you the great chance to experience one of the most powerful musical of all the times: The Lion King. You can go throughout the year (it doesn’t have to be November), but, as it is getting colder, we have thought it would have been a good plan… Rainy evening, few parties are going on… Let’ go!



Cine Dorè

We have made an annual membership because the offer of this old theatre/ cinema is just too good. There are always many movies made by some of the most famous and talented directors. The November plans are awesame: Scorsese and his movies are the protagonists of this beautifully colourful autumn. “Taxi Driver”, “New York, New York”, “Raging bull” and many many other masterpieces…

Feria del Libro

2-4 November_If you are a book lover, pass by Plaza Mayor and hang around the stands of this pretty book fair... November is a good month to begin a new novel, isn't it?

The Bicentenary of the Museo del Prado

19 November_ What a birthday! This year on of the most important Spanish museums celebrate its 200th birthday. We couldn’t miss this important date and you, too. Save it in your agenda and be prepared to the amazing collections of the Museo del Prado…

Christmas Lights

23-24 November_ It’s Christmas time and Madrid lights up! Could a city be more charming? Our only competitor may be Paris ahahahah. By the way, if in December you turn into a Christmas Elf like the most of us, you cannot miss this day! And the day after, an amazing Christmas Lights Walking Tour… Lights, lights everywhere!


We love November, its colours, the warm cups of tea, the cosy evenings on the sofa watching movies and eating popcorns… the list of the amazing things we can do during this month is infinite! Which is the secret ingredient to realy enjoy Autumn? Not living alone… By living in a shared flat, with other students or people of your age, you will always find something entertaining to do. So, a good accommodation is the first very important step to plan an unforgettable stay abroad.

It’s time to begin November in the best way possible… Are you ready? Stay tuned and do not miss our articles about… SPOILER ALERT… Madrid, some tasty traditional dishes, car sharing, donations and much more!

See you on December!!!

Yours helpMadrid Team

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P.P.S. We will miss you XOXO