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What you cannot miss in October!

What you cannot miss in October!

What can't you miss in October? helpMadrid has created for you an agenda with all the events and activities that will make this new fall, the best of all!

Our mission is not that difficult, October is an amazing month: pumpkins, warm cups of tea, cosy blankets, more pumpkins… Such an amazing season! You may have guessed that we are in love with autumn. First, because we have many new international friends. September and October are months of arrivals and we enjoy welcoming in Madrid people from all over the word. The second reason why we love autumn are the colours and the scents. Everything turns orange and yellow and who doesn’t like the smell of rain?

Hot chocolate with churros is our secret dream; a fluffy blanket and the last episode of our favourite TV series are part of our daily routine. Forget about this laziness for a little… We have prepared for you and your flatmates an extremely entertaining agenda! So many plans and so little time…

Are you ready?




We have just discovered a new restaurant! Of course, we want to share our experience with you. Is it tasty? Yes, it is. Is it in the city centre? Yes, it is. Do you want more details about the food? It is classified as a Spanish restaurant, nonetheless there are dishes in the menu that are, let’s say so, unconventional. Little suggestion, make a reservation some days before. It is always fully booked and if you call them too late, you will have either to wait or to choose another restaurant.


Let’s talk about ice-cream… We know it’s getting cold outside, but it is always time for an ice-cream, especially if it is tasty like the one you can buy in this shop. Our favourite taste? Lemon merengue pie, of course!


Dorothea Tanning

The Museum Reina Sofia says goodbye to the Dada’s exhibition, but welcomes another amazing one. This time the museum will host the works of Dorothea Tanning, one of the twentieth century’s most important women artists. This exhibition will entertain us during the whole autumn, nonetheless is a good plan for a rainy day of October.

Teatro Español

Have you ever been in this theatre? We have recently discovered that this is one of the oldest theatres in Madrid. There was a reason why we have immediately noticed it. Here are two of the performances that it will offer us during October. Let’s start with the first one, the well-known “Jane Eyre”. You will have the chance to watch this show from the 5th to the 21st October. The second interesting performance is “Mundo obrero”. Schedule this one between the 4th October and 4th November. Hurry up; this theatre is always sold out!


Eme Alfonso Quinteto

5-7 October If you like jazz, you have to visit the famous “Cafè Central”. It offers every week amazing performances and this month we want to suggest you this Cuban singer and composer.


Music is again the protagonist of the agenda of this month. What do we have for you? Three interesting concerts that you cannot miss:

  • 16 October: Jason Derulo
  • 18 October: Laura Pausini
  • 23 October: Kodaline

Iros 2018

1-5 October Many events take place in Madrid every month and this time we have chosen for you something original. The International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems. This is the first time that this conference will be held in Spain, so we kindly suggest you to have a look at the programme and buy your entrance!


October is the classical month when you would just to relax, have a cup of tea with your flatmates and watch your favourite TV series in your room. However, if the shared flat is located in a good area, you would be more inclined to go out! When you look for your new home away from home choose carefully the neighbourhoods and explore the areas. If there are restaurants, bars, theatres or cinemas, well … you are safe! In this respect, helpMadrid is here not just to make great plans for you, but we collect information about the city, the services and the neighbourhoods, too. Let us help you!

Let’s the fall begin!