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Public Transports 2.0

Public Transports 2.0

We are not directly related to any of these companies and the information may change over time. They have been collected by helpAccommodation.

Public Transports 2.0, a brand new generation of public transports. Forget about metro and bus, the way you go around the city will change forever!

We are mostly used to the traditional metro, busses and, why not, the vintage tramways. Big cities though have developed many other ways to let their citizens go from end to end. Madrid didn’t want to be less and today offers us many different unconventional and less conventional means of transports.

Bike, car sharing, Segway and scooter are the new bus and metro. If you don’t live too far from the city centre, you may find these environmental friendly means of transports extremely useful and practical. In this respect, let’s do a little digression and let’s talk a bit about the room search. Where should you look for your room? The choice of the location is extremely important in order to maintain a certain standard of living in Madrid. You have to select carefully the areas provided with adequate services and connections. helpMadrid can help you in this difficult flat-hunting: do not miss our article about the districts and the best corners of Madrid.

Anyways, we were talking about the Public Transports 2.0. So, let’s have a look at these new unconventional means of transport. The best is yet to come!

Lime-S Electric Scooter

We really want to start with our favourite one and, let’s say, the strangest. It is an electric scooter, like the one we had when we were kids. Well, nearly! This one has a motor, you don’t have to make any effort and it is fast. Have you ever seen one of them on the streets of Madrid? They are every day more common and you can “park” them everywhere. In order to use this public transport, you can download the app, look for the closest one, scan the code to unlock and lock up safely when you have finished. The unlock price is only 1 euro, but for any detailed info, check their web.


Do you ride? We do it, too! It’s lovely to ride a bike when spring starts and the sun shines… Madrid, as many other cities in Spain and abroad, has started a new public bike rental service, for all the people who like bikes, but cannot buy one because their house is just too small. The citizens have at their disposal 1560 electric bikes distributed among 123 stations in all over the city centre of Madrid. How to use this ultimate service? Find a station, pay the ticket and choose your bike! Of course, a membership is available and it is cheap, only 25 euros per year. Ready to ride?


This is motorbike-sharing, guys! Electric scooter and bikes weren’t enough, so Madrid has opened its doors to another public transport. Those motorbikes are actually quite popular, they are everywhere, it’s an invasion ahahah. All kidding aside, they are amazing to go from an end to the other of Madrid easily and fast. You lock and unlock it with your phone, there are two helmets, the insurance is included and it is sustainable. What are you waiting for?


You surely know this service as it is in a huge amount of cities all over the world. Therefore, it is less original than the other two means of transport. Nonetheless, we like it! Yes, because, imagine having to buy something at IKEA… How do you bring everything at home? With car sharing, of course. It works as easily as the other previous public transports. All you have to do is to register, validate and drive off.


These are just few of the many companies that manage cars, scooter, bike and electric scooter sharing. We have selected some of the most popular ones, the ones that we notice every time we walk the streets of Madrid.

If you live in the city centre or not too far from the university or your workplace, you can use them daily, save money and be sustainable. These three reasons are good enough to make you look for a shared flat in a good location.

It’s time to go home here, so… let’s check the app to get an electric scooter!