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Let’ go to the university!

Let’ go to the university!

Let’s go to the university! Even better, “vamos a la universidad”! It’s time to learn some Spanish, guys. Ready to take notes? Our Spanish lessons are back and today we will provide you some phrases to use at the university (we know you guessed it already!).

How is your semester going? Great, isn’t it? Madrid is such a charming city that makes your day, even though you had bad days. Well, we are biased ahahah. Kidding aside, we hope you have found your room and that you feel at home in your new shared flat. Do you speak Spanish with your flatmates? And at the university? We are so curious, but there is a very good reason behind it. In order to provide you every month usefull and interesting linguistic tips, we need to make surveys!

Many people say that Spanish is easy. It isn’t! It is like any other language: many exeptions, false friends, peculiar pronounciations… Hopefully, helpMadrid is here to provide you some basics. As you may have already noticed, the articles of this column have this aim: to ease your life in Spain and specifically in Madrid.  As always, we have to cut the chatter, but later we will spend some more time together… let’s begin with our phrases.


First of all, few words:

La asignatura_ Subject

El bachillerato_ High school diploma

Graduarse_ To graduate

La licenciatura_ Degree

La maestría­­_ Master

Los apuntes_ Class notes

La beca_ Scholarship

La nota_ Note/Grade

El examen_ Exam

El curso académico_ Academic grade

El plazo_ Deadline

El horario_ Schedule

El informe escrito_ Paper

Aprobar_ To pass

Faltar a clase_ To skip a class

Suspender_ To fail or to suspend

Reprobar_ To fail or to reprove


And now few phrases:

Donde esta la clase?_ Where is the classroom?

Cuando tenemos la clase?_ At what time do we have the lesson?

Tu has pasado el examen?_ Have you passed your exam?

Como se llama el profesor?_ What is the professor name?

Puedes decirme donde esta la biblioteca?_ Can you tell me where the library is?

Me gustaria pedir un libro prestado_ I would like to borrow a book.

Vas a comer en la cafeteria/cantina?_ Will you have lunch in the canteen?

Que tenemos que preparar nosotros para la semana que viene?_ What do we have to prepare for next week?


There are many other words and phrases that you will certainly need at the university, but a long list is hard to remember. By providing you only these few elements, we are sure you will remember and use them all. How to practice your Spanish? Use flashcards, many post-it, try to use the expressions as much as possible, etc. helpMadrid has already created for you a list of tips to learn easily a foreign language. Have you missed the article? Don’t worry, this is the link!

Here the suggestion of the week (we cannot do without it ahahah). When you look for your accommodation in Madrid or in any other city, you should always consider shared flats. They are not only cheaper, but they will help you praticing your Spanish. By living with international people, you will have to choose a lingua franca, so… Why not Spanish? Your home away from home will turn into your private language school.

Have you prepared your flash cards? Because soon we will make another list with many words and phrases about… This is a surprise ;)

See you next month with our next Spanish class and do not miss the other articles of helpMadrid. Stay tuned!