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Traditionally tasty!

Traditionally tasty!

Traditional and tasty: finally, our favourite tasty column is back and we cannot wait to share with you the discovery of this month. This time we will bring you through a tasty tour of some of the most delicious dishes made in Madrid. Are you ready to taste?

Because we are and, well, actually… we are ready to gain weight ahahahah. We can wear large sweaters, so: goodbye diet! Brass tacks, what have we prepared for you? A list of dishes that you have to taste at least once during your stay in Madrid. Furthermore, we have added the names of the restaurants where you can actually taste these delicacies.

These suggestions are perfect during this period of the year. Even better if you have someone to share them with. We know that it is not easy to find new friends, especially if you live abroad. Nonetheless, you can create great relationships with your flatmates. By living in a shared flat, you won’t have just a room: you will have a new family. This is the reason why we always suggest our readers to There is nothing better than a tasty dinner to know each other and spend amazing moments together.

It’s time to discover some of the most delicious dishes made in Spain and made in Madrid.



We have never tasted them, but we should. They are obtained from pork belly, marinated and dried. Once they are ready, they are cutted and fried. Nice begin, right? ahahah Unfortunately, we cannot say more about this tasty traditional dish. We will taste it soon, maybe all together!

Suggested location: La raquetista


The “Cocido” is a warm Spanish soup made of meat, vegetables, chickeas and noodles. How do you eat it? They usually serve all the ingredients separately. First, they will bring you the broth with the noodles. Than, they will serve you the chickpeas with the fat of the pig, the Savoy cabbage and potatoes. The last course is the meat: chicken, morcillas, chorizo, shin and more. Suggestion: do not eat too much for lunch, otherwise you won’t be able to finish all the tasty food they will bring you.

Suggested location: Malacatin


If you live in Madrid or in Spain since at least one week, you may have already tasted this delicious traditional dish. It is a huge omelet with potatoes and onion (optional) and it is unbelievably tasty! There are several types of Tortilla, but the traditional one is our favourite: kindly suggested…

Suggested location: Las Tortillas de Gabino


Nuggets everywhere! Cheese and ham, fish, crabs, mushrooms, potatoes, spinach… these are only few of the thousands types of nuggets that you can find in this enchanting city. Your shared flat won’t smell of fried food and you will enjoy an evening out with your friends. Furthermore,we suggest you to taste first the ham cheese nugget.

Suggested location: Bar Melo’s


If you manage to eat half of it, you can be part of the club! Kidding aside, a zapatilla is a huge sandwich with a lot of ham and cheese. It is delicious, but it is also heavy to digest: bring many friends with you. If you are not vegan and you don’t need to sit in a silent place to eat, you have to taste this typical dish… It is worthy.

Suggested location: Bar Melo’s

Bocata de Calamares

You may ask the reason why this kind of sandwich is the traditional one. We have no sea, no harbours and we are in the middle of Spain. Nonetheless, this squid sandwich is one of the “Must eat” when you visit the capital. Of course, it is nothing elaborated like the Cocido, but it is equally tasty, sooooo… Just eat!

Suggested location: Magerit

Patatas bravas

Like the previuos dish, it is simple but tasty. And this is what we look for, right? The patatas bravas are nothing more than potatoes with a special sauce, the Salsa Brava. Perfect during the happy hour or when you drink a beer with your friends, they are something that won’t miss in your diet when you will move to Madrid.

Suggested location: Las bravas

Churros con chocolate

It’s time for something sweet. Churros are famous all over Spain and, we guess, all over the world. Let’s be honest, the chocolate makes the difference. Therefore we suggest you to eat them with it. They are everywhere, but you have to choose carefully the cafè… Follow our suggestion and it won’t let you down.

Suggested location: San Gines


Well, well, well… Are you hungry? Actually, we cannot wait to taste some of these tasty dishes. An excuse to spend some time together before going back to our shared flats. And you? Have you already planned a dinner out with your friends? Say “see you soon” to your cosy room and gather your flat mates… A warm cocido is waiting for you!

As we often remember you, the location of your accommodation is of paramount importance, especially if you want to go out in the evening and enjoy a dinner with your friends without worring about metro, bus or Cabify. The best way to avoid any issue is a flat-hunting focused on the most central areas of Madrid. Where should you look for your new shared flat? Don’t miss our blog posts about the city and its neighbourhoods: you will find the information you need in order to find your new home away from home (by the way, a new post of this column is coming soon!).

It’s time to eat, finally!

See you next month with other tasty tips.


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