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Halloween is coming!

Halloween is coming!

Halloween is coming, so… are you ready for "trick or treat"? Halloween is not a traditional Spanish holiday, nonetheless this American tradition is always more popular in Europe and… we like it! Madrid offers many plans and helpMadrid is ready with its suggestions to make you get the most out of this scary scary night!

Have you decorated your shared flat? We should admit that: one of the coolest things of Halloween are the decorations! Carved pumpkins, scary phantoms, spiders everywhere, disgusting cookies and heavy make-up. You cannot stay in your room during the scariest night of the year.

Trick or Treat? Here a list of activities that you cannot miss in Madrid for Halloween

Halloween Madrid Movie

2 hours, 12 challenges. Are you ready for the scariest gymkhana of all the times? Wear your costume and get ready for it! Our suggestion: book it as soon as possible, it is so cool that it gets sold out easily.

La noche de los espiritus

The scariest walking tour in Madrid and, guess you what, you cannot miss it! Discover the hidden Madrid with this guided tour that will stops in several famous buildings of the city centre and will tell you the hidden stories, all it’s known about ghosts and afterlife presences.

Enigmatium Room

If you are into escape rooms and escape games, this activity is definitely the perfect one for you. Three hours of dinner and games to escape and to tasty delicious Halloween dishes. If we recommend this “Enigmatium Room”? Of course, we do. Actually, we already signed up to escape…

Panic Bus

The name suggests you everything you need to know about it. Scary challenges and a scary Disco night are waiting for you… Ready to dance until 6 A.M? The games last 45 minutes and if you miss the date, well, you can experience it the 3rd November, too.


Have you ever been to a dark scary marriage? This may be an 8 hours unforgettable experience. Special guests, dark rituals and a unconventional disco… You should take it into account!

Cementerio de las Ánimas

It’s a house located at the outskirts of Madrid, and the experience includes a Halloween dinner and party. You can go on the 31st for the Halloween party, but you can experience it every Saturday night. What to say… If you are into scary things, this one will become your favourite activity!


Scary movies, zombies, escape rooms, tasty food and fear are the ingredients for the perfect Halloween. Aren’t we missing something? All these scary activities are amazing, but “Pumpkin carving” stays one of our favourite ones and should definitely be part of this Halloween, too… Have you already chosen yours? Here a link with ideas to carve your pumpkin and create your personal  Jack-o’ Lantern.

helpMadrid has great plans for the 31st October and movies are part of them as much as the events listed above. Here a very short list:

  • The Haunting of Hill House
  • ParaNorman (this is an animated movie, but it is perfect if you don’t like scary movies)
  • Paranormal Activity
  • Zombieland
  • The Nightmare before Christmas (our favourite one!!!)

There are many other movies, here a complete list.

Well, now you are ready, isn’t it?

Trick or treat and happy Halloween