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Your Halloween experience in Madrid

Your Halloween experience in Madrid

Although Halloween is not a traditional festivity in Madrid, we have plans all around the city to have fun on the 31st of October. Here you will find our top 5 activities for doing something different! Keep reading.

In Madrid, you will find many parties on the 31st of October night, and for sure you will need a costume. However, we have here 5 different plans for having fun on Halloween this year!

A Halloween gymkhana in the city center

It lasts 2 hours and has 12 challenges! Oh, and the costume is mandatory, could it be funnier? The price per person starts at 12€, and you will find all details in their website, it’s called Halloween Madrid Movie.

Ghosts walking tour

You don’t have to be a ghost to join. I mean, if you are, you’re more than welcome… and it will be free for you I guess! Discover the hidden Madrid with this guided tour that will stops in several famous buildings of the city center and will tell you the hidden stories, all it’s known about ghosts and afterlife presences. There are several dates for this walking tour (October 27th, 28th and 31st; November 4th, 11th), it lasts 2 hours and the price is 12€ per person. Find more info in their website, La noche de los espíritus.

Feel the fear…and more feelings in Parque de Atracciones de Madrid

Every year, Madrid’s amusement park has a lot of special activities for Halloween, from shows within the park to the terror houses. This year, you will find 7 terror houses in the park! Do you dare to go? Ticket prices are around 30€, you can get them directly on their website.

Night experience in ‘Cementerio de las Ánimas’

It’s a house located at the outskirts of Madrid, and the experience includes a Halloween dinner and party. It lasts 6 hours, and prices starts at 40€. You can go on the 31st for the Halloween party, but they have also this frightening dinner experience every Saturday night. Find more info here.

Full Halloween experience with this real game

It’s called 9 Ghosts and based in the horror movie called ’13 ghosts’. It’s like a dinner and escape game at the same time, you will need to find the 9 ghosts and discover the way to release them. It’s a 5-hour game experience, dinner included, and then you have 3-hour party after. Prices starts at 30€/person depending in the drink bundle that you prefer (there’s an option with open bar included). Find all the details here.