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What you cannot miss in September!

What you cannot miss in September!

September is here and we like it! September means new beginnings, new arrivals, and new adventures. It is like the unofficial start of a new year with projects, changes and many plans. Of course, we are sad because summer is nearly over, but the excitement for a brand new year with you is just too big!

We want just to say, “Welcome”! We would like to welcome all the new internationals and young Spanish people who will start their new adventure in Madrid. We hope you’ll have a great time with us! As we want to be helpful, let’s start with the first advice. If you are looking for a room, scan the opportunities that you may have in the city centre. If you live in a well-connected area, it will be easy for you to find interesting events, bars, karaokes or other activities to spend some pleasant hours with your friends.

Moreover, helpMadrid has great plans for you. Here a short list of events that you cannot miss in September. We have selected tasty things, other more cultural and finally some events that may be very interesting. Are you ready to start your new adventure abroad?



Fol Gourmet Popcorn

Do you like popcorn? Are you ready to taste something crazy? Well, these popcorns have not crazy tastes; they are just different from the traditional ones (salted, sweet, with butter or with caramel). Some examples? Bacon, Pistachio, Banana, Porto, Violet, Truffle… should I go on? We suggest you to taste these deliciously Italian popcorns, at least once!


Spain and tapas are very good friends. You can easily find tapas in every restaurant or bar of Madrid. Which are the ones that you really have to taste at least once? Time out has created for us a great list of the Best tapas in Madrid.  Are you hungry?



The map and the territory

26 September-7 January This is a brand new exhibition organized by the Museo Nacional Reina Sofia. It shows the work of Luigi Ghirri of the ’70, period of expansion of the suburbs and the service economy. The Italian artist travels abroad for the very first time, so that we cannot miss this chance to uncover its works!

Cuentos de Cine

1-27 September If you like the cinema and you are interested is some of the movies that have shaped the history of this spectacular form of art, this is a great chance to nurture your passion. The protagonist of this session? The French director Bresson and its amazing work.




8 September Summer may be nearly over, but music festivals don’t. The DCODE is a one-day festival with 18 hours of good music. The guest star of this 8th edition? Do Imagine Dragons and Bastille sound familiar enough? This is the type of event that you cannot miss.


15-16 September Folk Music and traditional dances meet together in this two days event organized by the Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid. If you want to know something more about Spain and its traditions, this may be a great chance to do it. Embrace Spain and embrace Madrid!

September is going to be so cool! We cannot wait for it.

Are you still looking for a room? Remember what we have said before: the location is important. If you want to experience the city, check the best neighbourhoods, have a look at the services of the districts, do not underestimate the importance of the public transports. Once you have fixed all these details, you can enjoy your stay and you beautiful room!

Are you ready to begin your new adventure in Madrid? Because we are!