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In2Spanish. It’s time to learn Spanish!

In2Spanish. It’s time to learn Spanish!

It’s time to learn Spanish! Seriously! It has been months that we should begin a course, but… Well, we have no excuse ahahahah. As every month, we would like to help you with your Spanish, but with a difference. This time we will not provide any tip or the traditional list of phrases. The topic of today’s column is a Spanish language School, In2 Spanish.

As we mentioned before, it is time to learn this language seriously and a language course is what we need to speak correctly. We will discover together a school and its courses… Aren’t you excited? We cannot wait to begin a course, meet many other students and join many interesting activities that will help us to improve our language skills.

Would you like to move to Madrid and learn Spanish? Are you still looking for an accommodation? Shared flats may be the perfect solution to improve Spanish and practice it daily. Moreover, they are cheaper than studios! The location of your new room is important, too. Choose an area close to In2Spanish! You will reach the school quicker and you will have more time to talk to your classmates (It is important to improve ahahah).

Back to In2Spanish, let’s have a look at this Spanish School and let’s choose together a course that we could attend all together!

About In2Spanish

In2Spanish is a family owned language school. They offer small classes and qualified teachers, but this school is much more. What gets our attention is their method: they combine a proven education methodology with a cultural immersion outside the classroom. As far as we can see, they offer you an intense linguistic experience that will improve every single aspect of your stay in Madrid.

We really like the idea of learning Spanish in class and practice it with additional activities that will let us discover more about Madrid!

What kind of courses do they offer? There are traditional Spanish courses and “Special courses” to get your DELE certificate. We have chosen the traditional one, as we are still taking the first steps, and, to be precise, the Enjoy Spain semi-intensive course. Let’s check it…

About Enjoy Spain

The course duration could be between 1 week and 52 weeks (we will become native speakers ahahahahah) and it is available for participants of all levels (this is a very good news!). It is a semi-intensive course, so it takes place every day of the week from 9.00 to 13.00 or from 13.00 to 17.00. Four hours of classes every day… Not bad, isn’t it?

Why is this course for us? We want to improve our skills in a small class (8 to 10 classmates), we want to learn while doing leisure activities and we want to communicate in common and varied situations. Of course, we want a certificate of attendance, too! It would be amazing to have the chance to add it to our CV…

What does the price include? As we are penniless students, we must be sure that the price includes all the tools we may need during the course! This is definitely something that we valued when we have selected this language school. When you pay, you pay for the classes, the level test (of paramount importance in order to understand your level), the didactic material and the complementary activities. This course is a whole package!

Here more info about the course.


In2Spanish has convinced us and we are ready to practice and improve our Spanish. Will you attend this course with us? As mentioned many times, learning a new language is always a great chance to widen your horizons. Furthermore, if you live in Madrid, Spanish will ease your life for sure! A good structured course is definitely the perfect starting point to master a language and definitely important to find easily a room. Actually, have we already mentioned the advantages of living in a shared flat? This accommodation offers you the chance to practice daily your Spanish and, why not, even other languages!

Our “Language learning” column has been a little bit different this month. As we have found this school interesting, we have though to share it with you. Do not worry, we will come back soon with our useful phrases for every occasion!