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Gastrofestival: the yummiest event is now in Madrid!

Gastrofestival: the yummiest event is now in Madrid!

From the 20th of January to the 4th of February, Madrid hosts the event that you cannot miss: our beloved Gastrofestival. You cannot miss it because: number one, everything revolves around food, so you will love it. And number 2, this festival fuses food with other arts, such as photography, literature or even fashion. Keep reading!

Madrid receives the 9th edition of Gastrofestival, and this year it has a wide program that combine different arts: literature, theatre, cinema, music, photography, decoration, fashion… and of course, gastronomy!

Over 450 places will participate, and that includes restaurants, cookery schools, cocktail bars, markets, museums, art galleries, gourmet stores… even fashion stores! The Conde Duque will host many activities this edition, it’s one of the places you wouldn’t miss. We also recommend to make a market route in the city center to enjoy the Gastrofestival activities and special dishes they will have (Tirso de Molina, Barceló, San Antón, etc.).

In this last edition, there’ll be some new things. There are new thematic areas within the Gastrofestival, such as ‘Gastrodeco’ or the ‘Solidary block’, with many supportive actions in restaurants –many restaurants will donate 1€ of each menu they sell to the NGO Acción contra el Hambre–, supportive expositions –Círculo de Bellas Artes– or other actions, like the fusion of literature and solidary cuisine that will do TuuuLibrería and Chefugee.

We need to mention also the ‘gastrobocatas’, a new combination that mixes our traditional bocadillos with high quality ingredients to give them a glamourous twist.

Don’t miss anything about this event, you’ll find all the information here. And remember that until the 4th of February there’ll especial menus be in the city –both Spanish cuisine and international!–, the traditional Desgustatapas, especial breakfasts, activities for children… even a sweet-toothed route or a healthy one! Look for your perfect places and ‘gastro-options’, and share it with us in Instagram and Facebook!