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Apps to live the good life in Madrid!

Apps to live the good life in Madrid!

When you go to a new city, any tool that may help you to make your life easier is more than welcome, especially if you can take it everywhere in your cell phone and moreover if it has discounts! Here you have our must-have apps for living the good life in Madrid.

For the great communicators

We all know that you will need to tell everyone what you’re doing in Madrid, every single minute if possible, we all do the same everytime we’re in a new city! If you have the need of sharing every moment lived, you cannot miss apps like Facebook, Whatsapp and, of course, Snapchat and its filter. Besides the instant messages, you will have the chance to upload your status or pictures, so all your friends will follow your steps!

We cannot forget Skype, the classic app which keep you and your family and friends connected, even if thousand of kilometers separates you all.

For first-movers

If you are always the first to arrive when you go out with your friends, you cannot miss apps like Google Maps, which indicates the fastest route to your destination for all the means of transport. Also the official app of Metro de Madrid works really well, so you won’t get lost in this underground world full of multicolor metro lines. Apart from it, for knowing the bus system, you have the EMT Madrid App.

For these days when you’re kind of in a hurry –or those nights when you feel fancy–, we recommend you to have handy apps like Cabify or Uber, so you can get to the party in a private driver car.

In addition, we think that MyTaxi app is useful too, so you won’t have the need to stop a taxi on the street, so this won’t happen to you:

For foodies

We cannot forget to mention our beloved foodies! You will need to have some apps for getting food delivered to your doorstep, or even discounts for restaurants. With El Tenedor app, you can go to fancy restaurants with up to the 50% off the bill! And if you don’t want to move a muscle, don’t hesitate to download apps like Deliveroo or JustEat. Oh! No matter where you eat, inside or outside, don’t forget to post it on Instagram! Those InstaFoods…

For multilingual speakers

If after visiting Madrid you want to go home speaking perfect Spanish, you can have a little help with apps like WordReference or Linguee, where you can find out how to use the idiomatic expressions. If you would like to practice the language or even improve it in your free time, you can download apps like Duolingo! With it, you can learn or practice new languages by playing.

For being safe and sound

When it comes to your safety, there are several apps that can be really useful. For example, AlertCops is the official app from the National Police Department and with it you can alert them if you’re in immediate danger or even report a penal offence.

For traveling on roads in a safety way, you can trust Waze, it has real time alerts of the conditions of the traffic –accidents on the road, heavy traffic, etc.–.

Last but not least, we also recommend you to download your bank app, so you can easily control your finances –commissions for being abroad that shouldn’t be applied, currency conversion taxes, etc.–. Even if you open a Spanish bank account, it’s a good idea to have the app just in case something happens and you need to access to your finances immediately –unexpected limit in the card, transfers, etc.–.

We hope our tips are useful for you!

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