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Mad Cool

Mad Cool

Have you ever heard about the Mad Cool Festival? As foreigners, we didn’t know anything about this festival … What a pity! We have lost many chances to listen to very good music. This summer (12-14 July), we have to go! Let’s discover together this great event that you shouldn’t definitely miss.

We should start considering the core of the Mad Cool: we are talking about the music, obviously. Can you guess how many stages have they prepared? Well, we want to help you: 7 stages will host the great groups that will perform for us.  A lot, isn’t it? You can easily run some numbers and draw some conclusions: there will be many artists, no way not to find someone suitable. Deepening the topic, we will share with you some of the performing groups, just to give you an idea of the event sheer scale. Day one (12 July): Pearl Jam and Post Malone. Day two (13 July): Artic Monkeys and Massive Attack. Day three (14 July): Depeche Mode, Dua Lipa, Queens of the Stone Age. Are you convinced? We really think that these artists don’t need any comment, they are amazingly good and you can’t pass this up.

Along with the concerts, there is another interesting programme: the “Espacio de Artes Escenicas Pedro Aunión”, dedicated to the dancer and choreographer deceased during a performance. The performances are threefold: contemporary dance, fashion and audio-visual creations. They will take place during the three days of festival and some internationally known companies will perform the shows. Adrien Mondot & Claire Bardainne will perform “Hakanaï”, a mix of contemporary dance and digital-sequenced animation. Something different will be offered by Toom Pak that will perform their repertoire in the show “ad hocque”, a mix of tribal rhythm and recycled material created for the occasion. And then to top it off, there is even a small fashion week: the Mad Cool Walk.

The last topic that may interest you is the entrance: there are several ways to buy the tickets; everything is perfectly explained in the dedicated section of the website. Don’t you live in Madrid? Don’t worry, it’s all taken care of: they offer you a special package deal, entrance and housing.

We hope we’ve provided a clear overview of the Mad Cool Festival and we wish you the coolest weekend ever! For further information, check their website.