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Madrid Best Bars

Madrid Best Bars

Classes are over, the final terms are already a memory and free time is an institution. Beach, friends, movie nights, festivals, parties … well, the agenda is full! Just in case you have a lull or you need to brainstorm or you simply want to hang out with friends in a different place, we have drafted this brief list of nice bars and cafes where you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon and a cool evening in Madrid. Let’s have a look at our suggestions … Try them all!

El Benteveo

We want to start with a typical Spanish bar: you are in Spain and a full immersion is compulsory. Kind and friendly bar tenders, good beer, nice atmosphere and, as every good Spanish bar, always crowded and noisy! We are sure you’ll go there twice and in no time it will be your favourite place.

La Inquilina

Are you into design and decorations? We assure you that you’ll spend hours looking at the walls of this bar: every corner has a different decoration and every now and then you can notice something new. Apart from the interior design, cider and vermouth are the main reasons to go there at least once during your stay in Madrid. Personal suggestion: the blackberry cider.

La Mallorquina

Let’s have a change of scenery and move close to Sol. If you really like sweets and appreciate the haute patisserie, you must go there: amazing cakes and tasty pastry, colourful decorations and snow-white meringue … a paradise! The only cons is the long line outside the café. But can you imagine the satisfaction then? Sitting on a pretty table with a delicious coffee and a sweet guilty pleasure.

La Central

We know guys, this is not exactly the place to hang out with friends, but the lounge area is simply too cool: we must suggest this place. “La central” is a library and, inside, has the prettiest café ever with a scenographic lavender rain. You can take your book, sit there with a coffee and enjoy a little bit of tranquillity.

La Buena Pinta

This is the ultimate place for beer lovers and huge groups: being inside a market, there is a lot of place to hang out with your friends. Furthermore, the quality of their products is high and the craft beer is relatively cheap. Added value: there are several places to buy food, so that you can stay there to dine, too.

Caffè Arrivederci

Can’t you live without coffee? Taste one of their coffees and it will be a standing appointment on your agenda. When you choose, you have the chance to read a description of the products: we find extremely helpful, being some of them very peculiar.


This place is always full and we see why … the jam sessions are really really amazing! The prices may vary a bit: you can drink the traditional beer or you can opt for a finest whiskey or gin and tonic. We kindly suggest you to check the program, there are many events and, according to the day, the artists are always different.

Sala equis

Cinema during the day, bar during the night: we have discovered this place by accident, but we are now great lovers of their program. The “Musica à la carte” event is our favourite one: you can listen to the music you like on the swings or on the benches with a beer or a glass of wine.

El dinosaurio todavia estaba allì

To keep everyone happy, we have suggestion for anyone who likes poetry and literature, too. This small bar offers poetry reading. You should experience this at least once: the performance may be quite intense and you will have the chance to talk directly with the authors. Added value: you can practice your Spanish.

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