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Madrid Pride 2018

Madrid Pride 2018

“Madrid is a an open gateaway, but a gateaway to diversity” from

Since 1977 Madrid is the location of one of the largest pride parades in the world: the Madrid Orgullo, translated Madrid Pride. From June 28th to July 8th, the city will celebrate, discuss and show diversity.  We are sure you’ve already heard about it, as this festival is quite famous. For the ones who are not so well informend, we will provide you some information to orientate yourself during this Pride week.

Chueca, a lovely neighbourhood in the city centre, is the core of this festival: everything started there 40 years ago and today it is one of the neighbourhoods with greatest tolerance on diversity in Madrid. Over time this event has grown considerably and today Spain is one of the countries with the “most advanced legislation in regards to equal rights for the LGTB community” (information taken from the web of the event). Today the Madrid Pride is open to everybody: people of all ages, from all over the world, all gathered to celebrate and valorise diversity.

During the Pride week, there are several events and celebrations that you cannot miss. Let’s see together some of them. The 29th of June will take place the Pride Proclamation: from now on, the show can begin. Music, parties, claims … you are spoilt for choice. Several artists will perform and express themselves in an environment of tolerance and freedom. The 7th of July is “the day”, the day of the Parade, the culmination of this festival. It will start at Atocha Station around 17.00 and will end in Plaza de Colon, where concerts and performances will welcome the participants.

Culture is one of the focus of this eventful week. There are several exhibitions, like the “muestra-t”, that incorporate art, theatre, film and, of course, literature, considered one of the most important communication tools.

Music is amazing. Culture is fine. What about the sport? In such a great event, the presence of this form of expression was inevitable. Volleyball, swimming, tennis and many other disciplines will be part of the celebrations.

It seems that the Madrid Pride accommodates everyone’s taste: there’s no chance that you can’t find something for you. For any further information, please check the official website. We will be part of this great celebration, and you? Be part of a more tolerant world!