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Pinta Malasaña comes back this weekend!

Pinta Malasaña comes back this weekend!

Once again, we will enjoy the creativity of the Street artists that will decorate Malasaña streets next Sunday the 15th of April. The event will last from 8 am to 8 pm, and as the Street art is a flash in the pan, if you want to admire the creations, don’t miss this date!

The top streets and squares for Pinta Malasaña will be calle Pez –since traffic will be restricted in the area so it’ll be for pedestrians only– and Plaza del Dos de Mayo. However, there’ll be many metal shutters of the Street that will be decorated plus other Street elements and also other activities!

But wait… are you wondering what ‘Pinta Malasaña’ is? It happens once a year, and it’s the moment when the selected artists –this year, we have 100– paint Street art murals and decorate the Street elements in Malasaña.

Check some of the decorations from last year:

 Instapic © @meduselds

Instapic © @andreas_balliano_da_silva_iii

 Instapic © @andreas_balliano_da_silva_iii

 Instapic © @garvin.gif

 Instapic © @strlopezlopez

You can also check all the artists and the featured streets in the official map below. Oh, and don’t forget an extra power bank, your Instagram is going to be on fire! See you there!