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‘Potaje’, one of the Spanish traditional dishes of Semana Santa

‘Potaje’, one of the Spanish traditional dishes of Semana Santa

If you know the tradition, in Spain it’s said that within Carnaval and Semana Santa, you cannot eat meat. That’s called ‘Vigilia’, the meat prohibition, and it happens during these 40 days (‘Cuaresma’) and every Friday of the year.

As you can imagine, this fact let the imagination fly, and we have many recipes without meat for these days. One of the most typical Cuaresma is called ‘potaje’ and it’s made with chickpeas, spinaches, cod and egg. Do you want to try it? Here you have a list of restaurants you can go for your first experience, you are going to love it because these places are all incredible.

All the restaurants are traditional –what would you expect? This dish is a classic!–, and are located in the city center. I would say that they aren’t probably the most expensive, but if you want to eat a good potaje, it’s better to go for a good one, since it’s not an easy recipe.

Casa Perico

It’s located in Malasaña, in calle de la Ballesta number 18.

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Casa Ciriaco

Super central, it’s located in calle Mayor number 84. Historical fact: This building is the one from where, from the 5th floor, on the 31st of May of 1906, an anarchist throw a bomb camouflaged in a flower bouquet. It was the king wedding day, Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eugenia de Battenberg, and the bomb killed 23 people, but neither the king nor the queen. Unfortunately, when the newlyweds arrived to the banquet, her wedding gown was all covered in blood.

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Señorío de Alcocer

It’s in the northern area, close to Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. The concrete address is Avenida de Alberto Alcocer number 1.


Restaurante De la Riva

Also in the northern area, the food of this restaurant is traditional, classic and amazing. It’s located in calle Cochamba number 13.

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Los Galayos

And talking about central… this restaurant is located in Plaza Mayor. The full address is calle Botoneras number 5.

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