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Madrid fallera: the best of Valencia in town!

Madrid fallera: the best of Valencia in town!

If you're not going to fallas this year because, sadly, on Monday is not a holiday in Madrid... don't worry! We have our favorite places to go when you wanna taste a piecce of Valencia. Don't miss it!

For a good paella: Socarratt

This is my favorit place for paella, for sure. The owners are from Valencia, and all they do is mouth-watering. Oh, and just like a curiosity, one of the restaurants is super close to our office so we use to visit it! Besides the amazing paellas, they have the best home-made alioli in town. They have 3 restaurants in the city center –Chueca, Malasaña and Acacias–.

For a good horchata: Alboraya

It's obvious that this drink must be on the list. I recommend Alboraya, where you can enjoy horchata and... they also have fartons! They have 2 locations, both in Barrio de Salamanca: one next to the Retiro Park (this one is my favorite!) and one in Goya. They even have delivery!

For good buñuelos de calabaza with hot chocolate...

We know these are the traditional sweet for Fallas par excellence but... we don't have any place in Madrid where you can have them with hot chocolate –well, neither without–. We will need to settle for doing them at home. If you dare to make them, you can try this recipe!

For good rosquilletas...

My friend... unfortunately, here in Madrid we don't know what a rosquilleta is, we normally tell that they are 'pan de pipas' –sunflower seeds bread– or 'grisini', but... the rosquilletas that sell in Mercadona are pretty good! So maybe that may help.

To taste Valencian cuisine in general: restaurante AlliOli

Next to the Rastro you will find this restaurant that will bring you a bite of Valencia to Madrid. And it's not just paella: their cocas, croquetas, alioli, the Turia beer... go there one day and try, you'll love it!