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Gastro-route: best tradicional 'croquetas' in town!

Gastro-route: best tradicional 'croquetas' in town!

We are here today to share with you one of the best things Spain can give you: las croquetas! Here you have the ultimate list of 'croquetas tradicionales', so flavors are going to be basically jamón (iberian ham) and bacalao (cod), but not together of course! You should try them all, all these croquetas are delicious!

You will see 2 lists, iberiam ham first and then cod, and tons of delicious pictures. If you want more details about the restaurant, in every name you'll find a link!

Let's start with our 'croquetas de jamón' list:


Picture ©Telva

La Daniela

Instapic ©

La Kasa

Instapic © @juanmaycarol

Casa Manolo

Instapic © @guillermorguez

La Ancha

Instapic © @la_ancha

El Quinto Vino

Picture © Guía Repsol


Picture ©Alberto Granados

La Penela

Well, these are made from meat and not ham, but you need to try them also!

Picture ©Blog Ticketea

Bar Melo's

These 'croquetas' are also a little diferent because they are not made with 'jamón' but with 'lacón' (it's typical of Galicia), but they should be in this list, so worthy!

Instapic © @dondecomesanti

Let's go now for the 'croquetas de bacalao' list (well, I must say in most of the following places you will find also AMAZING 'croquetas de jamón', so you can choose what you want! However, we recommend you cod croquettes in this places):

Casa Labra

Picture © El gorro blanco

La Entretenida

Instapic © @elpollitosibarita


Picture © @claramchef

Celso y Manolo

Picture ©Entre Pintxos