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New Year's Eve: Spaniards' traditions!

New Year's Eve: Spaniards' traditions!

Every country has its traditions for New Year’s Eve, so it’s time to check what Spaniars do in order to be prepared for tonight!

Watch the ‘Campanadas and eat the twelve grapes 

We all expect the ‘Campanadas’, the chimes from the bell of the Puerta del Sol clock. We eat one grape for each chime, and then…welcome new year! It’s said that the 12 grapes are the symbol for the 12 months of the new year, and to eat them attracts the good luck for the 12 months that start now.

 Champagne for everyone!

We raise our glasses right after the chimes to celebrate the new year with our loved ones. We show our love and toast with champagne.

Gold in the glass 

If you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve with some other Spaniards, you will be surprised if there is a gold ring in the champagne. This is a traditional way to attract the fortune, especially money, in the new year, you put a piece of gold (normally jewelry, a charm or a ring) inside the champagne and then you toast and drink it.

Red underwear 

Also for attracting good fortune, specially about love, it’s said you should wear red underwear. Ready for tonight?

Money in your shoes

Last but not least! To enter in the new year and be sure that the money won’t be a problem the following 12 months, you should put a bill inside your shoe. Money in your shoes attracts the fortune and more money!




Interesante... diferentemente que en mi pais :)