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5 easy cool Christmas treats recipes!

5 easy cool Christmas treats recipes!

If the Christmas spirit and the bake spirit come together for you but you don’t have the time – or the patience… or the talent–, we have the ultimate list of super easy, quick and cool Christmas treats! And we save 2 not-so-easy Christmas desserts as extra recipes just in case you want to try!

Here you have 5 recipes, from the easiest to the most difficult (not that much in fact!):

Rudolph Oreo Cookies

Level: easy peasy lemon squeezy

More than a recipe book, you may need an Ikea ensemble instructions for making these! Super easy, you just need to ensemble the pieces. Mini pretzels as the reindeer antlers, red balls or mini M&M’s for the nose, melted chocolate or frosting for attach the nose to the cookie and Oreos. That’s all! If you want, you can use a cool straw or cake pop stick and a cellophane bag, a cute string to make a little bow and give it as a Christmas candy with your gifts.

© The 36th Avenue

Mini Santa Clauses

Level: easy peasy lemon squeezy

Also, super quick and super easy! All you need is whipped cream, strawberries and black icing gel for the little eyes. Done!

© Smart School House

Candy Cane Marshmallow Pops

Level: really easy, like really

It’s also super easy, you just need to keep in mind things can be sticky, so it’s a good thing if you use gloves (for example, nitrile gloves). You just need marshmallows and candy canes, chocolate for melting and, if you want to use them as Christmas candies to give also, cellophane bags and a nice bow.

© Liv Life

Cookies from Grams

Level: super easy

Traditional cookies, just made with love. You will need to invest a little more time for this recipe and to turn on the oven, but the result is a yummy classic. Want the fancy factor? Melt chocolate and dip half of the cookie. Then put it on wax baking paper until and allow to set.

© Country Living

Holly mini cakes

Level: easy.

You have the original recipe in the link, but the fact is that you can do this finish with any chocolate cake you like. You just need your chocolate favorite cake, cranberry jam to put inside –or strawberry or whatever you like the most–, melted chocolate for the covering and a cranberry and a holly leaf for decorating.

© Nirvana Cakery


If you like challenges, let’s go for this two recipes!

Winter wonderland cake

Level: medium

In fact, it’s quite easy to do, the time it takes is just 40 minutes including baking and decorating and everything! If you want, you can put a fancier decoration, but it’s also nice with a simple one like in the picture.

© Vikalinka

Roscón de Reyes

Level: hard

Our top recipe in Spain! The Roscón de Reyes is what we traditionally eat on the 6th of January, día de Reyes. It could be filled in with whipped cream or chocolate, or just plain. In the full recipe you will find a video that will help you!

© Peque recetas