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Life on a budget: I want cheap trips!

Life on a budget: I want cheap trips!

Being a student is not easy at all, especially when it's all about your budget, but now you're abroad you need to get the most of your experience! And that includes to travel once in a while, right? So here you have some tips for keeping life on a budget without missing the opportunity to travel the world!

Now that you're in Spain, we will share with you some websites that will discover you a brand new world of discounts, offers and cheap trips. Some of them might be just in Spanish, but you'll see it worths a try.

Viajeros Piratas

In Viajeros Piratas, you will find full packages normally -packages that include the transportation and the accommodation-, but sometimes it's just an accommodation, you will love it either way once you see the prices.

The offers are normally for trips within Spain or Europe (especially when we talk about packages) but there are offers to go to America, Africa or Asia sometimes. Just stay tunned and don't miss any opportunity, the best offers expire super quick!


It's the ultimate tool to find cheap flights. I love the option of "anywhere", if you don't know where to go or you just don't care, you want to go everywhere, then select this options and check the deals!

Guía Low Cost

It has it all: cheap flights, packages, but also it detects fare errors and promos so you can get super cheap flights. It's important to keep in mind that you need to be fast in cases like fare errors, so it would be a good idea to follow them on Facebook -and turn all the alerts!- and also subscribe to their newsletter.

Secret destination trips

This is kind of a great idea! If you love surprises and you just want to travel, don't matter where you're going, there are a couple of websites that organize everything for you and they just reveal the destination around 48-72 hours before you take the plane. Isn't it exciting? You just need to select the number of people traveling and the city where you will travel from. Prices will start at 150€ per person aprox, and the websites are Waynabox and The Wonder Trip.

Citylife Madrid Trips

The best option if you want to travel with a big group of young people! If your aim is the more, the better, then join a Citylife trip without a doubt. They have cheap prices, full packages and they even include always some members of the crew and a photographer. The fun is guaranteed!




Viajeros Piratas es mi favorita pagina, para encontrar vuelos baratos! Hay muchisimos ofertas muy buenas y los destinos muy exoticos y interesantes. Uso tambien Skyscanner y tambien son muy buenos. Conoces esta ultima? porque no esta en tu lista. Saludos