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Beating homesickness abroad: Madrid edition

Beating homesickness abroad: Madrid edition

Tell me where you’re from and I’ll tell you the best places in town to beat homesickness. I know, it’s not that easy, I would need a big box with all your favorite things just to start… But I have some band-aids in the form of restaurants or places to go. Today, we have a piece of France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom and United States. Keep reading!

It’s been quite a long time since you got here, since you started your life in a new city. It’s not like you’re not enjoying this place, not at all! But, you know, being abroad… sometimes you just miss some things that are quite hard to replace. The smell of coffee in your hometown favorite place, the way your mom cooks your favorite food… and even though some things are irreplaceable, we want to bring you a little home to Madrid, some places you can go when you start to feel homesick depending on where you’re from.

la France te manque? We can suggest you to go to Prep’ La Crêpe

They advertise themselves as “les meilleures crêpes du monde” so why don’t give them a try? It’s a little creperie located between Alonso Martínez and Plaza de Colón, and they have sweet and savory crêpes. The full address is calle Génova, number 25.

Vermisst du Deutschland? There’s a German market you can go!

If you miss Germany and want to cook or eat German food, you can go to this little market called Mantequería Alemana and find a lot of things! It’s located in calle de Salamanca, concretely in calle Padilla, number 88.

Ti manca l’Italia? Here’s a place where you can eat good pizza

Well, I know that you cannot compare the pizza you will eat in Madrid with Italy, but this Italian restaurant is pretty decent! And it’s located in the city center, which is pretty cool. It’s called Trattoria Malatesta, and it’s located in Sol, calle Coloreros, number 5.

Do you miss the UK? I have the perfect place for a warm tea on rainy days

Comfy chairs and sofas, nice balconies with views, even a fireplace! This places cannot be more cozy. Well, it can: let the rain fall and have a warm cup on your hands. Now is even cozier. Its name is Mür Café, and if you want to give it a try, you can also go for their brunch, it’s pretty good! It’s located in Plaza Cristino Martos, number 2, close to Plaza de España.

And what about the US? Feeling homesick? Get your childhood cereals at Taste of America

There’s a chain of small American supermarkets called Taste of America, with several stores in different areas of the city center (one in Chueca, one in Embajadores, one in Chamberí…) where you can buy things like sweets and candies, Pepperidge Farm cookies, Aunt Jemima syrup, Froot Loops… just keep in mind that these products are imported, so you will find them a little overpriced –especially if you think about the original price in the US–. So if you feel like a bowl with Lucky Charms would make your day but you’re not sure about paying around 10€, take a stroll to Cereal Hunters and just indulge yourself!

Feeling homesick but your country doesn’t appear in our list? Don’t worry! Leave as a comment and we will have a place for you.