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Erasmus student in Madrid? This is what you’re about to learn

Erasmus student in Madrid? This is what you’re about to learn

If you’re an Erasmus student in Madrid, there are several things you’re going to learn and that will change your life forever! Here you have our top 10 things.

You will stop paying attention to the time

In Madrid and in Spain in general, our regular time for lunch is at 3:00 pm. Midday is for coffee, but not for having lunch! In fact, during the weekends, our midday is basically considered breakfast time. And what about dinner time? Well, the regular time is at 10:00 pm, even until 11:00 pm.


You will spend your Wednesdays at 100 Montaditos

In just 4 words: Everything. Costs. One. Euro. Every single item written in the menu costs 1€, and the big beer jars just 1.50€. This means that, at least one Wednesday per month, you will end up at 100 Montaditos.

You will extend your cocktails horizon

You will try things you didn’t heard before, like sangría, tinto de verano, calimocho, even panther’s milk (leche de pantera), rebujito or agua de Valencia (Valencia’s water).

And what about the privilege of being fed just for ordering a beer?

Because in Spain, to drink is as important as to eat. Normally, when you order something to drink, you will obtain also –and for free– a little thing to eat that is called aperitivo. However, if you are already an expert of this matter, you probably know already that at some places the aperitivos are so big that you can have a full stomach just after two beers.

The night ends when the metro opens

In Madrid, we have no hurry, neither for going out nor for coming home. The going out official time is normally after midnight, and the coming home official time is after 6:00 am which is when the metro opens.

And before going home, chocolate con churros

After a long party night, you cannot go to sleep with an empty stomach! What you should do is to have chocolate con churros for recovering before heading home.

You will discover the Tapas art

You will be able to see what we can do with the Tapas concept. From a traditional paella or albóndigas –meetballs– to 'haute cuisine' tapas.

You will find out what ‘kilómetro 0’really means

Related to the previous one, you will discover how convenient Madrid’s central location is. In 3 hours, you can be at the beach in Valencia having an amazing paella, or in País Vasco trying their pintxos. You cannot end your Erasmus in Madrid without taking advantage of its location to discover every corner of this country.

You will watch the best sunset

You will probably end up having your own sunset spots list! If you want to start making it by checking ours, we recommend you Temple of Debod or El Retiro.

And, of course, you will eat the best croquetas or/and tortilla de patata

Of course, by the time your Erasmus ends, you will have a full croquetas or tortilla de patata route with the best spots you found after long evenings with your friends tasting these two magnificent delicacies.