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Get the most of your Madrid abroad! Practice languages in Madrid

Get the most of your Madrid abroad! Practice languages in Madrid

Are you coming to Madrid and you don’t feel comfortable with your Spanish skills? Or maybe you are fluent in Spanish and other language but you want to practice English… or even just to meet new people for learning new languages and expressions! Whichever your case may be, we have some places where you can go to achieve your language goals, just keep reading.

IF you want to practice or even learn new languages during your time abroad in Madrid, there are several options that you may think about:

Language courses at your university

If you’re an exchange student –Erasmus, for example– so you’re attending to a university in Madrid, check its language lab. It may have free courses or special prices for students that you can take advantage of.

Language schools

If you want to do something more specific, like get a language certificate or pass an official test, maybe you could be more interested in language schools. There are a lot in Madrid, like the Cambridge Institute or the International Institute (English), L’Institut Français (French), etc., so check prices and availability. If you are interested in boosting you Spanish skills, check this link for getting more information about schools in Madrid that also have special prices.

Language exchanges

Last but not least! If you want to practice languages but in a more relaxed way, without exams neither taking notes, you should check the language exchanges! We can recommend you our partners’ event called Meet and Speak, the Citylife Madrid weekly language exchange that happens once a week and reunites local people and also students and young workers from all around the world! You will practice and meet tons of new people every week, it couldn’t be better!