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Master programs in Madrid: how to get around and where to live

Master programs in Madrid: how to get around and where to live

We’re back with a full survival guide if you’re coming to Madrid next semester for studying a Masters. Do you have questions about the location of your school? Would you like to know the best neighborhood to live in? Don’t worry, here you have the ultimate list for knowing the best areas for renting student rooms in Madrid. Keep reading!

You have here the ultimate list of the main Business Schools or Master Programs in Madrid, where they are located, how to get there, and the best neighborhoods to live in depending on where you’re studying!

The main difference with most of the universities is that, in general, most of the Business schools or Master Programs are located in the city center so you can look for an apartment well located taking into account your school but also in the perfect place to live your life like a madrileño.

ESCP Business School

It’s a little bit far from the city center but really well connected from Moncloa station. Just take the bus 83 or 133. That’s why it would be a good option to live in Moncloa or Argüelles areas, so you will be next to the station. Also, you can choose Sol if you want to be more central, as you will have straight metro line (line 3) to Moncloa.

IE Business School

It’s located in Maria de Molina, pretty close to Castellana Street. Salamanca neighborhood could be a great accommodation option, especially around the stations Núñez de Balboa (line 9 and 5) or Rubén Darío (line 5). You can think about living in Núñez de Balboa Street or Velázquez Street.

ESIC Madrid

This is another school which is located a little bit far from the city center, it’s in Pozuelo de Alarcón. You can go there by taking the bus 656 or 657, both from Moncloa. Again, the best living area would be Argüelles, but also Lavapiés or Callao since both have also straight metro line to Moncloa (line 3).

IESE Business School

To get to IESE we will go also from Moncloa station by bus, taking the 161 or 160. All the areas we just talked about –Argüelles, Lavapiés, Callao or Sol– could be a good idea. Also Opera due to the good connection.

ESERP Business School

Located in Costa Rica Street, the closest metro station is Colombia (lines 8 and 9). That’s why it could be a good idea to live next to a line 9 stop but closer to the city center, like Príncipe de Vergara or Núñez de Balboa.


Located in the University area, the closest metro stops are Metropolitano in line 6 or Francos Rodríguez in metro line 7. About living areas, Parque del Canal surroundings are a good idea, and also Argüelles area.

EOI Escuela de Organización Industrial

It’s located in Metropolitano so you can take the previous recommendations about areas for living.

EUDE Escuela Europea de Dirección de Empresa

This school is located in the northern area, between the metro stops Pío XII and Duque de Pastrana, both in metro line 9. That’s why, again, you can think about living next to line 9 but close to the city center to have good connection. Núñez de Balboa, Príncipe de Vergara or Salamanca area are good options.

ESADE Business School

It’s located in the same area, between the metro stops Duque de Pastrana and Plaza de Castilla (both metro line 9), so all the previous living areas would be a great option. Plaza de Castilla has also metro line 10, so Malasaña could be also a good neighborhood taking into account the transportation.

EAE Business School

It’s located in Joaquín Costa Street, and the closest metro station is República Argentina in metro line 6. It could be a good option to look for accommodation around Avenida de América metro station or Núñez de Balboa.


It’s located in Cuatro Caminos area, therefore this is the closest metro station (line 1, 2 and 6). You can also get there by bus (3, 37, 45 or 149), the closest stop is located in Santa Engracia Street. If you’d like to go there by train (Cercanías), you can do it: the train stop is Nuevos Ministerios.

Regarding where to live taking the transportation into account, Malasaña and Sol are good, and also the Retiro Park surroundings as you can take metro line 2 from there, straight to Cuatro Caminos.

CEF Centro de Estudios Financieros

Located in Paseo General Martínez Campos, the closest metro station is Iglesia (line 1) so you can look for an apartment around. You can get there also by bus (3, 5, 16 and 61).

About the living areas next to the school, Quevedo is a really good one due to all the stores and the 24h supermarket. Lavapiés and Malasaña could be also good options.

IMF Business School

It’s located in Embajadores area, and the closest metro stations are Embajadores and Delicias (both line 3), which also have Cercanías (train). You can get there also by bus (60, 78 and 148). For living, Lavapiés would be the best option since is the closest neighborhood. Also Sol is well connected by metro and train.

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